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This appears in the September issue of The Man

There are luxury hotels and then there is The Oberoi and the Six Senses. Both are class apart, The reason is personalisation, And the little unexpected pleasures that one gets.

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  1. »» R ã j »»

    Waaah!! Luxury Life and Royal Treatment. Hah! What a life of being a celebrity 🙂

  2. midhun

    Receiving anything personalised is always a joy. Especially so, when it is totally unexpected, as the ginger and honey was for you.

    Personalised luxury is subjective too. Luxury is most commonly associated with something being “unaffordably costly”. Of course, expensive stuff is indeed luxury, but one can find luxury in simpler things too – yes, personalised luxury. Don’t believe? I still enjoy the luxury of having a shell key chain with my name imprinted on it. I still enjoy the luxury of having a shirt with autographs of my classmates. I still enjoy the luxury of a t-shirt (not a jersey) with my name printed on it. And I still enjoy the surprised looks these luxuries gift me.

  3. Punit Mittal

    Luxury was always personalized. Historically luxury was reserved for truly the rich and wealthy, so when they bought their own jet it was naturally personalized to their every sense. Now “luxury” is targeted to “affluent mass” which is the ever growing middle class. The reality is that this middle class cannot really afford luxury but they feel peer pressure to keep up with the status symbol or in many cases feel like enjoying every pleasure of life to the maximum possible extent. So they would go for everything that has a reputed label associated with it. More the labels and tags, better the feeling and hence you get all sort of initials on your clothes, bags, shoes , cars etc. You name it and you have it. Its a very good way to satisfy ones personal ego and make themselves believe that they are paying a price for luxury.

    I think luxury brands can and should do a lot more to make things truly personalized but then it will just hike the price tag. Its sort of catch 22.

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