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As a ‘celebrity’ one is constantly being approached to help promote some charitable concern or the other. It’s often difficult to judge their genuineness specially when they are a start up or the contribution they are looking for is monetary.
Constraints of time do also play a role. However I have always tried to contribute in what ever way I can . To really believe in and enjoy something is the best option we all have. So, Iam always on the look out for something I can feel passionately about and where what is expected of me is something I can do in my own individual sphere.
Being a Green Commando is one such thing. Most of us are aware of the damage that is being done to our environment , we would like to help reverse it but the means often seem “tough”. Each time I talk about going ‘green’ i get cynical feedback like stop driving a big car, don’t use an AC, etc. Point noted, but there are also small ways to make a start. Switching off extra lights, making sure we don’t litter, avoid using plastic, recycle e-waste are small things we can all start with immediate effect.
Green Commandos are people who believe they have had enough. They are people who are willing to come out of their comfort zones and work on achievable ground level projects like tree plantation and rainwater harvesting. Green Commandos are people who are passionate and willing to take their passion outside their homes to influence and convince the apathetic and the cynics.
I am currently in the process of finalising plans for my green home, outside Mumbai, that will be solar and wind powered and aiming to be be completely off the grid. Rain water harvesting and composting are also being factored in at the planning stage. Of course I plan to keep you all updated about the green home. The point i am making is that there are micro level changes we can bring about immediately in the way we live and macro ones that we can plan and execute over time. One cannot be an excuse for the other.
So what are you waiting for? Switch off the extra lights and don’t accept plastic bags. Make a start now, become a Green Commando.
Later then.
check out www.greencommandos.com

38 Comments on “going green”

  1. Hitesh Patel

    hi miss i m yr very big fan i just want to know when is yr next movie coming

  2. Shanker Bakshi

    Good to see Green GulPanag, always remember you are from a place known as the most beautiful city in india.

  3. Anuj Kumbhat

    I don’t know why I am asking you this question . . .

    But do you feel that it is necessary that a celebrity needs to take up Social Service upon hisher shoulders . . .

    I mean what about your personal life ??

    Sure, you support a cause . . . But to the extent that it takes up some of that precious ” ME TIME ” . . . Because as far as I understand actors are always stuck in work . . . You have time for your fans . . . But what about yourself ??

  4. Vikas

    Bravo! 🙂

  5. Toe Knee

    Good to see celebrities taking a stand on the environment — and not just for publicity. Your upcoming green home will do more for the cause than millions of rupees spent on media campaigns. We need more people like you.

  6. Deepak

    Great idea, a lot has to be done, and every action needs the first step. Hope the first steps move on to become giant leaps..

  7. Bajrang Agarwal

    Hey that is really nice one….

  8. AP Dubey

    Hey Gul,

    Nice post thanks for all the tips you gave , I do agree with this that for revolution we do not need to change big thing only, small changes can make a big diffrence.

    I belive I saved atleast one animal by not wearing any leather item in last 6 year, saved atleast some petrol and nature by giving lift to someone on my bikes back seat, saved at-least some water by not misusing it and said this to every one.

    I wont say i never use plastic but I prefer to use my back-pack for almost any thing weather its purchasing of cloths or sabji. My mother in law rais question to me why I do not have my bag today if I miss it. 🙂

    Whatever I said above are just small examples of things that we can do to save nature, we just need to think and we will get ample amount of idea, but important thing is that we impliment those ideas in our day to day life.

    Hope for the best

  9. BK

    All problems can be and will be solved if we can get one thing right…. Education. Not passing the exams but real education.

  10. dneo

    I agree with you and the signal has indeed turned green!!
    One thing most of us can do is walk or ride a cycle whenever possible as a means of transport to reduce fuel emissions. Make use of car pool rather than using 10 cars for 10 persons going to the same place. Even celebrities could arrange for common cars while going to the same function, just citing an example here…Use of public transport whenever possible etc. Plastics should get banned and more importantly people should follow the rules, which is ultimately for saving our own environment. Switch off all the lights when not in use as you rightfully said; leaving appliances turned on standby mode is even more worse. Small changes by everyone would be exponentially high in terms of saving our planet. Even one person should be able to make the difference as others would definitely follow…

  11. Nilesh

    Hey Gul,

    Great to see you update your blog…
    Sure keep us update about your green house.. Can help you in setting up Solar and Energy conservations..

    Keep updating your blog.. 🙂

    Nilesh, Ahmedabad

  12. Dinesh Malviya

    Request: I send you a personal email.. please read that fully Gul,

  13. AMOL R

    I totally agree with ur thoughts. time has come when everyone should seriousaly think about t enviorment.

  14. rahul

    Yes, celebrity power is a big power.I just read an article that 3.2 billion people know SRK. If he motivates each of them to contribute just Re.1, it will amount to 3.2 billion rupees. With more than 50% of children in India malnutritioned, this amount will give them food atleast for one day.Such is celebrity power. A single rupee results to a million smiles. Kudos for your effort as a Green commando .Your green house is futuristic and am sure not at all a bad investment and above all a motivator for all people to follow a beautiful lady’s smart example .

  15. VJ

    really happy to see that u r trying to go green in every sphere of ur life 🙂 thats really a good thing… bt i’l say its easy to say go green,bt wen it coms to reality,hw many finds it happening?!! its nt just like put off dos xtra lights,bt its like use it wisely! making sure just d required equipmnts r turnd on,nothing remains in standby mode,power saving components r placed,use of pressure cooker,Cu bottom etc etc… all des r comon to us.. bt whats needed to learn is “intelligent green” usage. the thirst within evryone to use power wisely is d new chapter. we’ve to make it an habit,den our lifestyle, nt just another bread dividing monkey story 😀 v’ve to reach d ppl out der d imp of making it our habit.. i’m very much sure dat d influential figures like u,turning into green habit is realy gonna make a gr8 statement to d ppl out der. as u can really knw d pulse of our nation,d way it beats,i really feel u can do the impact in days,where it takes months for ppl like us to make… 🙂 really thanks alot frm deep of ma heart for joining with us to make our earth a better home for everyone 🙂

  16. HSJ

    Best wishes ! Hope i just does not become a ” media event ” instead of mass event.

  17. Dr. Shashikant

    Hi Gul

    How are you?
    I am Dr. Shashikant from Mumbai.
    You are looking soooooooo cute…
    You are originally from Kashmir or Punjab???
    Take care and always be smiling…

    With warm regards,

  18. Sachin Hawale

    All big things could be achieved through tiny contributions…..You have started, I will also start and lets hope India starts to contribute!

  19. francis

    Hello Gul

    I think your the role model for other actresses…….actresses mostly busy with there film suiting’s,but you thinking about environment is great ….. in your busy schedules.

    Iam in the business of Eco-friendly plates(recycle) ,We promoting our eco-friendly plates in India as well as world wide. we have great response for these plates world wide. I think these plates will replace plastic plates as sooner as….

    Iam a great fan of u……… BYE

  20. vikas

    Hi Gul,

    Nice to hear from you ! Going green is catchin on and as responsibile citizens, we all have a duty to contribute. I have been switching off lights when not required and I know for myself that there is a constant effort that I make in minimizing the usage of water, heat and light.
    While I still go take my car to office, I am seriously trying to find a way to “pool” resources. I am hopeful to achieve it soon.

    Let’s continue to take steps as every step counts !

  21. Dr.Navdeep Singh Bains

    Hi Gul,
    That’s really a nice move to go green if it is not a publicity stunt. Being a professor of Botany I know that this is the need of today for better tomorrow. Charity begins at home, therefore initially we should step forward with the zeal to start with ourselves. If each and everyone of us could plant a single tree of any species and take care of it till it grow upto 5-7 feet and do nothing other things for environment then still we play a very important role for its protection. And if we take other measures like switch off unnecessary lights, avoid poly bags, use solar geysers and lights,plant more trees,use bicycle for short distances instead of motorized vehicles etc…can be another feather in your cap. By the way it is good movement for even to think for a celebrity like you,I appreciate and give full support of any kind you want for this holly purpose.
    Thanks and regards,
    Dr.Navdeep Singh Bains

  22. Kishan Bhat

    Hey Gul,
    Why don’t you just donate your green home to the homeless, since you already have one in Mumbai. An extra house serves no purpose other than “Me too, see”.

    And see how you can make your existing house more green. Thats “real green”.

  23. Gul Panag

    Dear Anuj,
    pertinent question. Well, why the extra expectation from celebrities as opposed to common citizens?
    Answer is : individual social responsibility. Most of us( including those reading this lead very privileged lives when compared to so many others. The least we can do is try and make a difference, try and hive back to the society that has given us so much. Most philantropists start at a time when their basic ( that of course could vary) needs are met, and rightly so, what altruistic contribution can society expect from some one who’s struggling to survive.
    Yes, it’s takes up ‘me’ time. But too much of me is not necessarily a good thing:)

  24. sijojamesjohn

    I want to know technical details of your off the grid, Do post it her when you have finished. As for your contribution to society stuff. Well its your life, its your choice, you can do whatever you want. If you inspire while doing something, take it as a side effect. Teach whatever or whomever you can, but teach them right. Education is the only charity worth giving, because knowledge has this incredible ability to multiply on its own.( so do humans if a pair). Jokes apart good luck with your venture, you stole my dream but i forgive ya. The bad guy from twitter.

    Keep smiling, It too is a contribution to society

    Sijo James John

    (P.S captcha still not a captcha)

  25. Toon India

    really nice post…all the celebrities should take a leaf out of your book..and so should we!!

  26. Gul Panag

    Dr Navdeep,
    it would be a very expensive publicity stunt!! Since you know the subject well, you would also know how expensive it is to actually build a green home:)
    I agree, we can all make starts in small significant ways.

    the easiest thing to do is pull someone down. I did refer to the cynic variety in my original post. You qualify. Congrats:)

    thanks for always keeping in touch!

    Vikas, sachin, Francis , VJ
    big thank you:)

  27. Sachin Gupta

    A very simple and nice way to convey the message. I guess it is high time we should all start this initiative in whatever way we can.

    Great message


  28. AMo

    Hey Gul! Nice to see you espousing the cause of climate change, and trying to do something about it! We all have to start somewhere! All the best for your green house! Just curious to know what kind of support the organization GC gives for people who become GCs? Any idea? Do they faciliate the process, or manage the outreach etc?

    We have started a “Garbage” task force of sorts in our residential layout, and have managed to awaken people and goad them to sort out waste ,use less plastic etc. Its fulfilling.

  29. dneo

    Hi Gul,
    I look forward to get a mail for updates from ‘your’ space and try to be as much in touch as possible.. Good to know about your thoughts as well.
    I recently saw you on NDTV on the issue about women in the air force. I think you should take that topic forward over here. Personally I feel its kind of 50-50; as far as certain tasks are concerned they should be done by men as it might not be possible for women to handle (as the Israeli woman, retd. major, whose name i have forgotten had rightly pointed out)
    I Read a few of the comments here and i think its a very good place to publicize about a website http://greenidol.in/
    I would love to contribute in a small way so that not only our country, but most of us could come together and put in more efforts to make this world a much much better place to live in!

    PS: Gul you were, as usual, looking gorgeous on that show.

  30. Prabhakar Deshpande

    Would you be interested in working for Female foeticide.
    Email me on prabdesh@gmail.com

  31. midhun

    Hi Gul

    It’s so good to see you post on GulSpace so long after. I get online so less these days, otherwise would have replied on 16th itself.

    Now to the issue. The environment is indeed the biggest issue the world needs to think and act upon, and simple tjhings do count. Each person counts in this, whether or not a celebrity.

    Now, what do I do for this? I use my motorcycle only if it’s so very much needed. I ususally use public transport – bus and train. I still have my cycle that was bought when I was a teenager, and still go cycling to travel short distances, despite people asking me to stop using it, because it’s so demeaning for a professional person to cycle. Apparently, my social status would plummet! I have isntalled an auto-turn-off machine on my water tank motor, so the water does not overflow. Being in Kerala, one is bound to attend elephant processions, but I boycott it, because almost all elephants are treated cruelly. I demand shopkeepers non-leather goods. I eat at a hotel that serves food on a plantain leaf so that less water is used for washing, and I know the “plate” is clean. I use a compost to manage my nonplastic waste, and take clothbags for purchasing fruits and vegetables. I reject the plastic covers which bigger shops, branded or unbranded, offer topack the goods; I just use the carton or the paper-bag. Of course, switching off lights and other electric appliances – I never put my TV or computer on standby, instead switch it off. I’ve planned to buy a car as soon as I earn enough money. – an electric car.

    I’m not singing paeans to myself. I know many people have wriitten similar things before me. I think all of us can get ideas from each other and practise them ourselves for the collective good of humanity. Each of us need to contribute, in whatever way we can.


  32. midhun

    Oh by the way….I just remembered this…I’ve read somewhere that most web-pages are white or light background, and thos causes more heat to be emitted from computer screens. So having black backgrounds on web-pages actually lessen the emitted heat. I was confused if this is actually true, but my friends who have somethign to do with science, tell it’s true. I must appreciate you, dear Gul, for maintaining a black background on your web-site. Always keep this black.

  33. Faisal Khan

    Hi Gul Panag,

    The Tao philosophy says that we should not interfere with the natural course of things. It is better to strive to be a part of the forces of nature, then to harness them. Perhaps we also need to “go green” at a spiritual level also. Tao wisdom suggests something counter intuitive. Try to forget one thing every day; no need to learn all the information present the world.

    Gul your green home seems to be Hi-Tech. Sometimes I wonder which is more green; Tech or Hi-Tech.

    Faisal Khan

  34. Bhapu

    Thanks for your contribution to educate and spread “Go Green” message to large amount of people. It’s a great initiative. This is Todays need. I really appriciate tip given by AP Dubey.

    I would also like to mention here, as a celebrity / Idol, your approach in such kind of events really matters. as many people just follow what the celebrit says. So it’s great motivation.

    Thanks again, Have a nice day.
    Bhapu. 🙂

  35. Rahul

    Good to see celebrities taking a stand on the environment.i am architect studying green building design it is not easy to promote green building concepts to everyone as u r celebrities taking initiative it is much easy and very fast. reply

  36. Kalpesh Jalgaonkar

    Hi Gul,

    Nice to read your posts on this website…really good website and most importantly good platform for fans like me to communicate with you…btw am fan of yours from ’99 miss india universe days..simply adore your smile and those lovely dimples.. and your DOR and manoramaa were superb..awaiting for upcoming movies.

    @topic: Its really gr8 that you contribute to such social cause, also few days back I read your tweet about GRIHA green homes so would like to mention about one institute, http://www.arti-india.org/ I came to know about it on Sonali Kulkarnis SOKool program, she interviewed Dr Anand Karve about this project. I hope you can help them someway or the other.

  37. mahesh

    u r nice n good frnd

  38. nanda

    its very much encouraging i m also eco friendly person avoid polythin save elecricity n also want to make a green home. thanks.

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