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I adore people who are defiant in their stand and can shun stereotypes. Women who take bold steps and make crucial decisions in life are my favourite set of idols, be it in real life or as literary characters for that matter. I’m not much into period literature like Jane Austen’s Victorian romances. Rather, I’m more keen to follow rebels with a cause and souls made of sterner stuff.

I deeply identify with Florentyna Kane, the central protagonist of The Prodigal Daughter by noted novelist Jeffrey Archer. The title is the sequel to the book Kane And Abel and the first part of the story revolves around the upbringing of Florentyna in minute detail and how she gets to inherit her traits from her parents. The story is not a suspense thriller per se though its culmination slightly incorporates these styles. The way in which the lady in question goes on to become the President of the United States is actually a revelation, which surfaces as the cornerstone of a compelling page-tuner. The lucid depiction of all the campaigning and Senate meetings with poise in the run-up to her presidentship is neatly unfolded through the plotline.

The second part of the story again picks up the strands from Kane And Abel and shows Florentyna as an independent, level-headed woman, who settles down after marriage. It’s after this point, that the book actually takes off to catch the reader’s fancy. Florentyna’s doughty balancing act between her shining political career and celebrity status is truly inspirational. She is a fictional character that I always wish to be like. Her approach to politics and conduct in public life are besieged with a blitz of deceit, successes, controversies and betrayals.
She is one determined person who can rise up against all odds, may be from the ashes, just as the Phoenix does.

As told to Pramita Bose

Source: Deccan Chronicle

11 Comments on “Rebels with a cause inspire me”

  1. Pushpinder Bagga

    Well well – Politics… You are always welcome to start as a Mayor here in Chandigarh :))

  2. Kabir X

    I have always wondered why Americans, with a supposedly more open society than ours and a deeper historical tradition of independent minded women, have still not been able to elect a woman president while south asian countries seem to do that with apparent ease. I have some theories but it is interesting to compare.

  3. mukut

    hey..i must say dat u r a strong and unconventional woman yrself who doesnt fit into stereotypes…bt sometimes u come across as a feminist?? y so..u seem as d woman who wud go ‘dutch’ on d 1st date wit a guy and wud not let him even open d ‘door’ for u.. is it true???

  4. Vinod Narayan

    But Gul, Many bold steps taken by women are never recognized which includes the tradition of getting married to someone you dont even know. I feel it is always like a leap into an unknown future with just the faith on who gave you life. In the case of marriage I guess many men also take that leap forward 🙂
    But again if you look at our mothers, sisters and anyone we know, they all are bold, but act so only when the time comes and yet freely extend the laurels to others. Bold or not Women always deserve an applause
    Take Care

  5. midhun

    Now we see the book reviewer in Gul.

  6. Vivek

    Yah Bold steps are admirable bt only in the right directions…


    You know it girl. rs

  8. Blognostic

    Naturally, when you have a social cause, to clean the society, you become a rebel. 🙂

  9. Vishu

    hi gul.. u r awesome..

  10. umesh_k_derebail

    Well GUL i believe you got to follow a cause close to your heart, maybe you are already into it…..walking the TALK is important rather than TALKING the WALK Lolz

  11. Preet

    Well said, Many of us get submissive and ruin our life only for silly reasons. Ur words would definitely give a reason to many young ladies and women to make their life better, independent and add self respect to themselves.

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