It’s about giving power to all!

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This appeared in The Cosmopolitan, New Delhi Oct 2015

Feminism to me means equality of all sexes in all levels of society.

Cosmopolitan - October, 2015(2)

One Comment on “It’s about giving power to all!”

  1. nilesh shah

    i don’t know the reason of all this discussion!!!
    india have a prideful aryan culture. india was very advance by thought even before 1000 thousand years. due to moghul, british rule of about 800 years, indian culture was washed out.
    in aryan culture their was equal respect to never had seductive thought towards woman. the best proof of broad thought is temple of khajuraho. even aryan culture has described everything in vedas. if you will go through vedas your complete thought will change.
    for indian media, its better to keep silence.
    aryan culture believes in equality, believes in to give. this word ‘power’ or ‘rights’ can never become indian.
    again i will request you to read vedas.

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