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This is the piece I wrote for Bombay Times, carried on saturday 16th Jan

Why run when you can sleep?
Is a question I get asked a lot everytime I return from a morning run. Because it’s the best part of my day, because it gives me a high that lasts the whole day.Now imagine the rush of  running with thousands, others all feeling the same way- the StandardChartered Mumbai Marathon. It’s by far the most positively charged, happy environment I have ever been part of.

I have been associated with this event from it’s very first year, running 21k each year. And evey year I run to raise awareness for the Shradha Charitable Trust: an organisation that rehabilitates young adults. 21 km is a lot, how do I do it ,people ask. The first time I ran in 2004, I had no idea either. While I was a regular runner, 21 was a long way indeed.On the event day, once I started running,i just went on and on. Sure I was tired and wanted to stop, however after the first 7km , I conquered my mind and continued. The thousands gathered on the road side cheered us all on, each runner encouraging the other. And when I finished, I trully understood what it felt like to be Shah Rukh Khan! I felt I could do anything!

The event has grown immensely over the years, I have witnessed first hand the growing Tsunami of runners at the starting point. All most every body runs for a cause either charity or something personal. And everybody feels like a winner. From those who complete 21 km in 1 hr 20 min to those who take 3 hrs. Because it’s about the spirit.

This year again I will be running  for Shraddha and once again 21 km , but this time I will be running in a Gold Label Marathon, one of only 12 in the world. And this time I will run with a record 38000 other participants! Can’t wait!

Come cheer us and join the spirtit!

17 Comments on “Come cheer us and join the spirit”

  1. Debolina Sengupta

    God bless you Gul. I plan to run in the 2011 marathon. I hope I will be able to make myself fit for that and be able to do 1% of what you are doing for society.

    Lovely article by the way, inspired me, motivated me

  2. Mads

    Cheers n good luck!! 😀

  3. midhun

    Running a marathon is a feat in itself. I’ve never taken part in one. I’ve jsut been running since some months, and must say your posts on running keeps me motivated. I too feel the best of spirits when I run. Yes, still a long way from 21 km I am. And when will we have a marathon here at Kochi?

  4. Ricky Singh

    Have fun and Good Luck !!

  5. pinder gill

    I have lived outside India since 1983, england and now usa. I came back only for 40 days in 1992. Although never lived in INDIA for last 26 years, I still love my country. The role you are playing in guiding and giving a direction to todays youth is amazing and worth complimentary.
    One suggestion for people like you in the public domain, who are genuinely concerned for the country would be to take on two main area’s are Media to be honest to their medium {Specially tv} and corruption over all.
    In my opinion these can be tamed slowly but surely , with lots of dedication.

  6. Freddy

    Hi Gul,

    I really appreciate the efforts and the charitable heart that you have. I’m following you very closely in Twitter (Freddy1001) already and have seen your purchase of the bags done by Shraddha and the efforts you are taking to promote the organisation.

    I wish you and Shraddha the very best. I wish I was in Mumbai to participate in the Marathon. Nevertheless I promise I will contribute and support in whatever small way possible by my own way possible, since I too believe in sharing and thanking god for what we have got both physically, morally and financially, compared to the not so gifted of the rest in this world.

    Hearty congratulations and appreciations for your charitable efforts.

    Best regards,


  7. Souvnik

    i feel terrible by not being a part of it, i was all free sitting at my place., the date passed and all i could do was reading in the paper. 🙁

  8. Dr.Navdeep Bains

    SSA Gul,
    I have been looking a Jatty in you since your very first Tweet, I was also a good athlete but now a days it’s restricted into just two extensive hours of evening Lawn Tennis in the club due to age and work nature. However it’s good to shoot many objects with a single bullet. As in A quote in Punjabi “Naale Gud Naale Phaliaan”.
    Carry on your good missions with blessings of Our Gurus…..
    Dr.Navddep Bains, Bikaner

  9. snacksgiving

    Am a little late in commeting..but I am sure you had fun! Always feels nice when you do something for a cause!

  10. Anderson Gomes

    Hey Gul,
    Took part in the event (again)… this time 21 k… a gr8 experience..
    appreciate the efforts you are taking… keep it up..


  11. Xbox mania

    Anything, when Gulpanagji says 🙂

  12. shiraz khan

    well thats a wonderful thing u do to humanity i wish and pray god gives u the power to do so all your life poeple like u r real motivators for those who r still sleeping in there own shells.

  13. plagiarist

    Yeah, I’ve been asked this on numerous occasions. I always tell them “you’ll have plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead.”

  14. Raaj Mukaddam

    hey there gul keep up the good work i say~!

  15. Jobin

    Gul, I admire you as an actor and share your spirit as a runner.. Good luck!

  16. harish

    hatsoff 2 u…………………….gr8 job…………………

  17. Asin hot

    Yes , i agree with you gul, I really like the energy you have for the marathon spirit and how you leading other people to join the spirit. Good luck

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