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Jan 17, 2009 I run the 21km Half Marathon at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. This year too, I am running to raise awareness and funds for Shraddha Charitable Trust; an organisation that rehabilitates young autistic adults.

I have had a terrific response for the above through twitter. You too could help.


8 Comments on “Mumbai Marathon & Shraddha Charitable Trust”

  1. Hitesh

    love the fact…the celeb’s are using their status to get attention to the real issues of the society……….
    i’l posting a post regarding “Support Shraddha Chraitable Trust”……. on my blog…..

    great work…..keep ,,/

  2. AndersonGomes

    Gr8 work Gul… keep it up.. all da best

  3. midhun

    This is the best thing I love about you. Wishing you all success!

  4. Abhishek

    Gr8 work… keep it up.. all da best

  5. Nimal

    Great work and all the best…!

  6. Rashpal SIngh Sohal

    Dear Gul,

    You are simply Great,Tusi great Ho! Tuwada Jawab Nahin.
    Your efforts for autistic adults is laudable.I do not know much about this condtion.
    I would like to join your good work & donate for this noble cause.
    Your Shradha for Autistic is moving me. Your Running for this cause is really giving boast to this cause.
    I wish every Celebrity supports a Cause, it will make all the difference in our Society.

    jai Ho !


  7. Vijay Srao

    Great to see you doing charity work, it is always nice to see successful people giving something back to those who aren’t so able.
    I’ll have to send my contribution by cheque

  8. GSS

    yeah that is great work to see doing charity by great successful persons….
    If we are in good position by the grace of GOD, we shuld help others BUT be carefull
    that not hurting our near n dear ones.


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