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Seasons Greetings

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  1. Pushpinder

    Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year Gul !

  2. Sanjay

    Hi gul

    How are you? Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Take care

  3. Sumeet Grover

    Hey Gul!

    Hope you’re well!! A very merry christmas to you! Hope you’ll have fun!

    I watched Summer of 2007 recently, your act was ‘impactful’.

    Good luck for next year, hope to see a lot more of your work.


  4. niceguy

    wishing you the same and u look 2 cute in the tata sky ad

  5. Praveen

    A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours as well.


  6. Rashpal

    Dear Gul,

    I wish a Very happy Christmas with love and joy. I hope that Santa will shower peace and prosperity alongwith yummy cookies for all of us.

    Santa wishes that this Christmas we take a pledge to spread Happiness,peace and friendship to all like flurries of snow evenly.

    Merry Christmas to you.


  7. romeobagga

    Merry X-Mas To all From Romeo

    GUL, can you advice how can I post greeting(in jpeg) like you

  8. Sarthak

    wish you merrxmas too.

    What is your definition of happiness ?

    What would you like to recommend Indian people on happiness.

    Do you practice Happiness

    i am researcher on happiness and work with many insitutions and people from challenging background for their positive well being.i would like to understand your point of view too.



  9. Ghost Rider

    Hey, Merry Christmas. First time here. Nice place you have here. Will frequent more often.

  10. Ghost Rider

    Btw! Haruki Murakami’s Wild Sheep Chase, that’s one of my all time favorite books too… I love his crisp style of writing!

  11. Ragesh Raghavan

    Thank you Gul for your wishes. The year 2008 has been really great for you as I know career-wise when compared to 2007. I wish you all success in all your forth coming projects and may God shower his blessings on you for good health and happiness throughout your life and may you reach great heights of achievements both personally and professionally. Have a wonderful New Year.

  12. Faisal Khan

    Hi Gul,

    Growing up, I remember, everyone use to criticize westernization. It was said that the value system will get destroyed and so on. But something opposite seems to have happened. The people have become more sort of sober. There are more smiles and thankyous around.

    Whats so worng in being liberal. All of us here are celebrating christmas and blessings that it brings. A hundred years ago it would have been taboo.

    Gul, there is something spiritual about your forum too. we feel connected to someone we dearly admire.

    Faisal Khan

  13. midhun

    It’s late to wish a Merry Christmas, so Gul,

    :Belated Merry Christmas and have a fabulous New Year”!

    Watched Manorama – Six Feet Under again yesterday. You look completely different as a down to earth housewife.

  14. DaEnigma

    Dear Gul & Everyone ,

    A belated Christmas, hope u guys had a great time!and Wish You all the best of a HAPPY HOLY and PROPEROUS JOYFUL NEW YEAR!

    Stay Healthy , Stay Good and Keep Smiling!

    Gul : Am wishing u scale great heights wrt ur career, Hope to see you doing better than U had ever!

    God Bless U and Ur family.

    Take care and Keep ur smile on.

  15. Gaurav Sangtani

    Happy New Year

  16. Aniket

    Wish you the same and great year ahead!

  17. midhun

    I can’t say Merry Christmas…it’s too late. So have a fanatastic year ahead, dear Gul

  18. prasun kulshrestha


  19. Sanchit Saxena

    Hi Gul,

    Wish you a very very Happy New Year.
    Hope you are doing good.
    Nice to see you in Tata Sky advertisment with Aamir.
    Gul we haven’t seen you after the power packed performance of Dor.
    Just out of curiousity when we will be able to see you on screen.
    Waiting for your reply.

  20. Sanchit Saxena

    in contiuation to my previous post.
    I wrote we haven’t seen you after power packed performance of Dor.
    By this i meant that we have seen you in Hello and manorama but when we will be able to see again in strong role like one you did in Dor

  21. vaibhavac

    hi gul..happy new year..
    and advance happy b’day..enjoy the 3rd jan …

  22. pranay saxena

    happy new year GUL

  23. Maia Das


    A happy and peaceful new year to you as well!

    You really do look very nice in the Tata Sky ad with Aamir. I also like you in the climate change film on YouTube – it’s a very nice film with an important message. Wish there were other celebrities like you, who appeared in films of similar nature.

  24. Ifthikar

    Hi Gul..
    Happy New Year…
    You are very and pretty…

  25. Mal

    A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too (a little late!)
    Keep up the great, inspiring work!

  26. Deepak

    I have gone through most of the articles, which I must say are very well written and well thought.
    Continue writing.

  27. prasun kulshrestha

    gul, waiting for ur words…high timeeeeeeeee

  28. A

    Happy New Year !!!

  29. prasun kulshrestha

    gul..a copied poem, but gud one….for u sissy!!!!!

    kabhi ansu chupa chupa k roye
    kabhi Dastan e gham suna suna k roye
    Raat katti hai intizar e yaad mai
    Hum raat bhar taroon ko jaga jaga kar roye
    Phir wo na aye raat ka wada kar kay
    Hum tamam raat shama jala jala kar roye
    Aaj raat un kay ane ki umeed thi hamain
    Wo na aye hum ghar ko saja saja kar roye
    Suna hai dua se hoti hai muraad puri
    Hum sari raat haath utha utha kar roye

  30. Raj

    happy new year !

  31. Om Shaadi Om

    Happy New Year 2009.

  32. Avinash

    To you too ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. srkmr1

    Hope the year have been nice for you so for ๐Ÿ™‚
    I just recently saw the movie Dor (I know I should have seen it earlier lol )
    But, the movie surely has made me your fan. I really liked your character in Dor.

    I dont watch many movies but I will surely try and watch all your upcoming movies ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Arvind

    Happy New year to you too……

    You know what, you should use, a micro blogging service. It is awesome and followers keep in touch with you real time. I just read “the 50 celebs on twitter” and it’s like Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Lance Armstrong, Michael Phelps and all communicating with their fans and friends.

    Awesome do check it out ๐Ÿ™‚ You can use this space whenever you have ample time and write an article.
    On Twitter the limit is 140 chars… you can even notify us “your followers” about the new posts and also about something when you have something to say……it’s damn nice……for people like you and I would love to follow a beautiful actress like you ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Manu

    Hi gul, i am your longlasting fan.i wish u very success women and more

  36. Gul Panag

    Hi Arvind!!
    Have started twittering! Thanks !!

  37. Amit lele

    hi gul amit here. nice to mail you. i am your fan

  38. feroz_77

    hi Gul

    Wish U A Blessed Happy New year & Women’s Day also Holi

    Few Thoughts on this New Year to Share:

    Relaxed Mind, Peaceful Soul, Joyful Spirit, A Healthy Body & A Heart full of Love, all these wishes & prayers for u in 2009 and years to come & also few Wishes 4 Women’s Day too

    Happy Women’s Day

    This is the Time to Realize New Dreams, Rediscover the Strength within you, Rejoice in simple pleasures and gear up for New Challenges, ’cause when Performance comes from Within, U ** SHINE **

    & Happy Holi

    With Best Regards


  39. feroz_77

    This small Greeting 4 ur Mother

    Best Wishes on Motherโ€™s Day,

    You’ll always be a
    bright blossom in my life.

    You planted the seeds
    of warmth and love.

    You cultivated happiness.

    You nurtured me as I grew,
    giving me lots of sunshine.

    And I want you to know
    how grateful I am
    for everything you’ve done for me.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    I hope your day is beautiful and sunny.

    Mother A Sacred Blessings of God to Human-Kind

    A Treasure Forever…

    I’ll treasure the
    gift of love you’ve
    given me forever.
    The warmth you’ve
    sown in my heart
    will leave me never.
    You’ll always be
    my angel in white,
    who knows how to make
    my troubles take flight.
    And every day,
    I’ll thank God above,
    for touching my life
    with a mother’s love.

    Happy Mother’s Day!


  40. sauri

    hi gul!
    Have a Greay Chrstmas!

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