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So this is my very first blog . And what better way to debut than on your own blog! Yes, I am getting a kick out of it:-)

Now to answer my own question, “why am I blogging?”

It’s actually a long story which I am going to try and keep short. From very early on I have been very outspoken, about everything, specially about things that others chose not to speak about. This naturally led me to the arena of Public Speaking at the University and later was instrumental in my winning the Miss India contest. From then on I had many opportunities to speak my mind but was now looking at expressing my self using written words. I was lucky I got a chance to write a fortnightly column for Hindustan Times. Later I wrote guest columns for Times Of India, Time and Style, Femina, Auto Car, and many more. But still felt the need to express my self on my own terms – a forum where I could choose what I wanted to write, and how often I wanted to write.

Thus was born the idea of a blog. I simply want to share my experiences as I go thru my life. Some times I’ve been in very frustrating situations but had no way of sharing it and so could do nothing to make sure others don’t go thru it. Or felt very strongly about certain issues but had no way to get involved. Whether harassment by airline staff or being at the wrong end of a gun wielded by a man blind with road rage or my views on the safety of women, the list is endless. I wanted to give my self a voice as an Indian first and foremost, then as a woman and lastly as a working professional actor. I hope you enjoy reading. Until next time.

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  1. Martino

    Love the fact the you are taking pains to keep your site updated…. And yes, the F1 images are fantastic…

    You have finally got your car on the fast track, Gul…. I always knew it…

    Now it;s time for your career to hit 180/km/h 🙂

    Always wanting the best for you

  2. Shantanu

    Thanks for maintaining a blog and this a really cool website. I liked
    your acting in Dor. Could you tell me why in the final version of the movie the song”Piya ghar aaya ” was removed? This was such a good

  3. Anderson

    appreciate your concern …. many a times we have not way to get involved or change / alter the things happenin around us… but da least we can do is generate awareness about them…

    loved your pics…. really lucky top have driven an F1 car….

    wish you all da luck & best of wishes for your career and life…..


  4. Karthikeyan

    Great to see a blog that has a scope to interact on any intellectual topic. How about starting a discussion here. Let me start a topic here and Gul if you like we can go further. I read that you have read Chetan Bhagat. So, here is the topic. As you know he is an IITian. Do you think that well educated IITians are doing a disservice by joining other than engineering industries. How can they contribute to the country.

    Beware bcos you are pitten against an IITian who has gone into management. And I want a strong debate.

  5. Patrix

    Glad to see you blogging. You’re one of the few actresses I admire in Bollywood. I loved Dor. I’ve yet to see Manorama Six Feet Under but have heard great reviews so hopefully I can catch it sometime soon. Looking forward to ‘Straight’ as well.

    PS. a smartly designed site as well.

  6. Sneha

    Hi Gul! I came across your blog through a friend’s and I think its really nice!

  7. Sandeep

    Well a lovely surprise on an otherwise non-descript/ dull day, to discover your blog.
    May sound pretentious, but offlate, you are among the very few actors that I follow.. more so since I saw your latest Manorama-SFU, which is a brilliant film in my opinion. Wrote a gushing comment on Navdeep Singh’s blog at PassionForCinema.com as well.
    More power to you and the indie-cinema movement (if i can call it that!!)

    Hope to read you regularly..

  8. Gul Panag

    Hey guys,
    I am thrilled by your comments. Didn’t really think any one would bother reading..
    Karthikeyan, I too was wondering about the an or a to precede F1, but went with a, even though it sounded not quite right. Now I know..

    Now for the “Do you think that well educated IITians are doing a disservice by joining other than engineering industries.” Well I do have some views on the subject. But have to run now, as I have to be at work in an hour. Incidentally filming Hello’s climax/accident scene. Will definitely revert on that soon.

    And BTW you’re pitted against a national level gold medallist (in debating) 🙂

  9. Parth

    Welcome to the Blog Sphere Ms. Panag!
    I can almost sense the new found enthusiasm (and can recollect my own), and i like the layout – neat, uncluttered and functional; do keep that going.
    Being one of the few Actors who can think on their feet; I sincerely hope you shall blog consistently and not try to be Politically correct; which your answer to the question in the post, gives me a feel of 🙂

    Happy Blogging!
    Looking forward to reading your space.

  10. Patrix

    medalist-schmedalist…as someone told Tendulkar once, you are only as good as your last match 🙂 Looking forward to reading you more.

  11. Gul Panag

    No Parth, trust me, there will really be no effort to be politically correct from my end. But from my fair experiece debating all thro university, i definitely see the imporatnce of putting forth a balcanced argument which examines both sides of the issue.Now on to incurring the wrath of iit management guys. Soon.

  12. aravind


    please do visit my blog and leave a comment. i would love to have my blog endorsed by you. err…but sorry…..i cant pay you for that. 🙂

  13. frankfranklyn

    Hey great job Gul… keep it up..

  14. Ashwin

    Hi Gul,

    Loved your acting in Manorama. Beautiful film! I thought it was better than Chak De India. I hope India’s filmakers make films like this more often. I used to hate watching newer Indian movies because of their silliness, but maybe things are hopefully changing for the better. Good luck to you.

  15. varunkapoor

    Hey Gul!

    Though I dont have any debating experience, but here’s my take on the issue… 😉

    Refering to your question : “Do you think that well educated IITians are doing a disservice by joining other than engineering industries.”

    Generally there is another concern that is expressed regarding IITians : “Do you think that its fair for IITians to actually take up jobs abroad and not serve their own country after what the govt invests in them”.

    But, lets just stick to your question. An engineer is basically trained to solve problems, whether technical or not. Whether he/she wants to continue to be an engineer or move into a more commercial line, i do not see a problem with that. Either way they’re serving the pupose of generating “moolah”.

    If you look around, engineers are much more successful in commercial sector as compared to a business graduate, be it Investment banking or some other core finance related field. On the other hand commercial fields like freight forwarding and logistics (which are coming up BIG TIME in India) require engineering/ problem solving skills in order to function smoothly.
    Now, why particularly should an IITian not be allowed to reap the benefits of the current market trend.

    Anyways, digressing a little….. I really enjoyed your work in Manorama -SFU & Dor. Its nice to see good looking women like yourself trying to create a niche in something more substantial.

    Great job with the Blog and All the Very Best with your career as an actress.

  16. Anderson

    Hii Gul,

    Guess wat….. i was pleasantly surprised to see your replies to a few comments…. am sure you must be following an extremely tight schedule…. making time to reply is really commendable…. way to go…. it’s really encouraging for us to keep posting…..

    moving away from the topic at hand….. just wanted to ask you why black was selected as the backdrop colour for this site….

    I had read in a forwarded mail (and on some blog-sites as well) that websites which are pre-dominantly black are much more (brace yourself) efficient viz-a-viz energy consumption….. we burn up less amount of fuel to produce energy which in turn reduces global warming….
    (check out this link : http://www.21st-century-citizen.com/2007/10/02/black-is-the-new-green-10-energy-saving-search-sites-black-google-blackgoogle/)

    Did all this figure in your mind when you designed your website or were you like Henry Ford who is believed to have said “The Customer Can Have Any Color He Wants So Long As It’s Black” (he said this after the first productionised car – Model T, rolled out of his production line – heard it on History Channel)….

    Personally black is my favourite colour – wherever in doubt go with black (this I say)….. I am sure many folks out there will agree with me….

    I’d like to say again that it’s an awesome website…. great effort on your part for keeping it updated….


  17. Gul Panag

    Hi Varun, thanks for the positive feedback! Glad you like the site and my work. Now to the IITians pursuing other fields..

    The IITs are arguably the best engineering institutes in the country (and some would say one of the finest in the world as did an MIT professor) and thus getting into an IIT is extremely competitive. For every few that get in, a much larger number go away disappointed. Which is fair in a Darwin-isque world, but to put it simply if those who are fortunate (and smart) to get in, move on to other fields would it not have been better, in the name of optimum utilization of scarce resources, to not have come to IIT in the first place and left those seats for those who would remain faithful to engineering??

    Not to grudge them their hard earned and well deserved success, I feel that in a country of limited educational resources, one should only take up a seat (and thus deny some one else) if one intends to do something with it. A natural corollary to that would be to question the justification of girls enrolling in a bachelors course when at the end of the course (or some times in the middle) they move on to become home makers. Would not have those “seats” been better utilized, allocated to some one who would pursue a career even if they were lower in merit?

    I too am guilty of the same. My Maths course in College only had a limited number of seats. I got mine based on merit. Many didn’t. Today I feel may be I should have let a more “faithful to the subject” student graduate in Maths instead of me. But then again people end up changing their minds all the time and who can foresee what’s around the corner?

  18. Gul Panag

    Andy, I must admit, I chose black as the back drop without realizing that inadvertently I was doing my bit to save the environment!!. Thank you for enlightening me.

    I’ve always felt strongly about people, my self included, not doing enough to conserve what’s left of our environment. Whether its turning off the tap while brushing, putting off extra lights in the house or turning off the car’s engine at traffic lights; we often don’t realize what a big difference all these small things make if everyone decides to act upon them. My blood boils when I see over flowing garbage bins or worse just garbage strewn all over. Will it take another epidemic of bubonic plague for us to start taking cleanliness seriously? Can you even imagine the intensity of such a disease in a city as densely populated as Mumbai?

    How are we hoping to become a first world nation if we can’t even keep our surroundings clean? I’ve often wondered if its our indifference or are we just plain lazy? Of course we work very hard when it comes to our work when a promotion or bonus is due. But do we really care about our city, country, and our planet? I think seeing so much filth, pollution, squalor poverty and suffering constantly, has anesthetized us from any kind of feeling.

  19. Anderson

    hey Gul,
    thnx ur most welcome…. I am sure it feels good to realise that we are contributing (in any minuscule capacity wat-so-ever) to conserve our natural resources… I agree with you that we have grown immune to the happenings around us – we have become so indifferent that we don’t realise we can actually help change things in our own small way.

    Coming back to the issue of IITians pursuing alternate careers, I think it is a gross misuse of ‘seats’ which would otherwise have gone to other ‘deserving’ candidates; ditto for female reservation for engineering courses. I have been at the receiving end of this ‘reservation’ policy, not at IIT but during the admissions for diploma in Mech Engg after my Xth.

    Inspite of scoring 81% in Xth, I could not secure a seat in any Govt. Polytechnic (obviously falling in the OPEN category didn’t help either). It wouldn’t have hurt that much hadn’t it been for the fact that 33% of the seats were reserved for girls. It’s a know fact that girls opting for Mechnical Engg are very few (no offense meant to the girls / ladies out there) and 33% reservation isn’t even justified. Anyways have got over that

    I hope the lovely ladies out there don’t brand me an MCP 😉 It’s not that I am some sort of anti-feminine activist….. plus which guy wouldn’t want some female company in class to make studies more interesting – a fact most mechies would agree with.

    So I feel that the IITians not pursuing a career in their field of graduation are actually doing a dis-service to the nation.

    The forum is open for discussion…. ur comments plz

  20. Sudhir

    that’s a good effort to write blog…..even i got inspiration from that….
    It’s a good medium to express u thoughts…..writing and reading enhances your mental approach to do things……


  21. Rajesh

    Hi Gul, I just finished watching Manorama and stumbled to onto this (rather fabulous, I must say) website. I hope you keep this updated. Dont want to hijack this heavy duty thread on IITians and environment consciousness, but I am a little confused about one part in the movie. In the end, when Abhay Deol mentions that theres only one innocent person in the story and that person is six feet under.. who is he referring to? Is he referring to the kid who had disappeared?

    Since you like debating, I cant resist tossing one up for you 🙂 Do you know F1 racing is one of the most wasteful sport arounds? Each car runs at around 3mpg and emits loads of CO2 in the air..

  22. prasunkuls

    hello gul…
    prasun here..
    i read ur column..” why m i blogging”
    answer by u..” I wanted to give my self a voice as an Indian first and foremost, then as a woman and lastly as a working professional actor”

    from ur words i found one thing that u r still ambitious, u still wants to do something which could give u peace,love n satisfaction. trust me gul, blog likhne mein jitna maza aata hai..utna shayad ek diary likhne mein bhi nai aata..meine bhi kuch samay pehle likha tha when i was going through frustations n responciblities.
    anyways, i ask u to open up ur imaginations…more then now…coz…ur words sounds like u have a hidden ability to write more loving..
    ek idea le lo mujhse..shayad pasand aaye…
    aap wo sab likho yaha …jis se aapko khushi milti hai..jaise…
    agar kabhi aap ka dimaag shant hai ya frustated hai..tab hamare dimaag mein khayaal aate hai..regarding our past…samay se humne kya seekha..samay ne hamein kya diya..kabhi sote sote achanak yaad aata hai kuch ki aapne kabhi kisi bache ko doosre sadak se jaate dekha par traffic bahut tha aur aap uss tak pahuch nahi paaye usse pyaar karne ko..aur wo chall gaya..par uss masoom bache ki shakal aap ki aankho ko hasaa gayi…ya rulaa gayi..

    m sorry agar mein aapke web blog ko kuch jyada hi use kar raha hu..par..i just want..ki aap likho…jo aapko khushi de uske liye likho..
    n trust me..i had seen many sites..but i dea behing ur site is really appreciating…. dil ko acha laga..n ya boss..bas tareif karne ke liye ek bhi baat nahi likhi hai meine..and yes…prasun bhai aapko tareif bhi batayega aur burai bhi…mein kisi ki jhooti tareif nai rakh sakta..to ab prasun aapki site daily visit karega aur aapko dekhega..kiaap kaha tak pahunche..

    and yess..
    prasun ki dua to boss hamesha hi rehne waali hai ki aapka jo maksad hai web banane ka…sach mein jaldi se jaldi se jaldiiii se poora ho..
    keep smiling..
    prasun kulshrestha

  23. Shishir

    IITs are not meant to prepare encyclopedias of Engineering and technology, IITs are like jewelers who can shape a diamond in a way that it shines and becomes the most precious stone, this diamond may or may not be used in a jewelery of a woman, its lustre and value still remains the same, it shines where ever it goes. But if you give the very same jeweler a piece of graphite (made of same element as diamond i.e. Carbon) and ask him to shape it and make it shine like diamond, apparently the jeweler cannot do that. But that does not decrease the value of graphite, it should go to a pencil workshop and used in a pencil, as you cannot write on a piece of paper if you have the most expensive diamonds but you do not have a pencil. In the very same way if someone who is not capable of entering into IIT by merit, even if he enters into it by other means he wont be able to make the best out of it. So the diamond and the jeweler are complementary to each other, the existence of one without the other doesn’t make sense. The IITs teach the basic philosophy of engineering which holds good in every aspect of life, an IITan working in any other field than engineering can use the basic philosophy he learned at IIT ,which governs almost everything and that way he can analogously map the problem of his current domain into an engineering problem, at which he is the best and thus he can get a solution and can very well contribute to the society There are many other institutes in India which can provide the nation engineers who can handle the basic tasks of engineering.IITs are supposed to create some extra ordinary creative and talented people and creativity cannot be achieved by practicality, calculations and measurements, its like a stream in the rainy season which may flow in any undefined direction and move on untraveled path. What do you think what was the stream of graduation of Leonardo Da Vinci, Nostradamus the greatest astrologer was medicine graduate.
    Gul has raised a valid point related to woman security, it is a one of the most important issues, as we claim to become a developed nation by 2020 and we cannot do so until women in our society have equal rights and security so that they can live freely and that way they can equally contribute to the society. I think women them selves are responsible for this, their very nature of compromise is responsible for this, that may be because our culture is like that or whatever. If women stop thinking that there is no use for them to make a career as after their marriage their man will be earning anyway, so what their man is rich they should go out and work and have a career of their own and should not compromise with their career and take it seriously, this way their man at home will start respecting them as they will think that she also goes to work like me and is not dependent on me, thus they are secure at home. Now if all women are working then a man at the workplace will interact with 50% of women staff and when he comes out on the street or in market and sees a woman she wont appear to be a strange creature to him as it happens today (she’ll be just like any other gal in his office ) and then he wont do any kind of weird act as he is used to of seeing such creatures. So this ensures woman security and reduces the crime rate. Now this can be achieved by creating this kind of awareness among girls and specially their parents (specially mother as she differentiates between a baby boy and a baby gal and GOD also help those who help themself) and the government should make sure of full female literacy, the awareness can be created by using the mass media communication like MOVIES and TV (guess Gul can better do this :))
    Guys we have started the discussion, I am eagerly waiting for some critical comments from active debaters.

  24. vikas


    Nice place to catch up with u ( in case u happen to respond more frequently !)
    I still remember ur visit to our office long back and the long chat that we had over coffee and can relate it to ur interest in blogging, as it goes well with ur interest in intereacting with people and sharing ur views on all sorts of happenings. This is a good platform to keep it going !!!

  25. Gul Panag

    Hi Rajesh.
    I am happy you like the site.
    Yes, it’s that girl that disappeared and was buried under that block of concrete.

    Thank you for enlightening me about F1 and its damage to the environment. The debate can truly be long but to cut it short, if one looks at how long the season is, how many cars are actually on the track, and even if one takes into to account the test runs and R and D; and compares it to the “utility” its giving in terms of pleasure and entertainment, and most importantly break through cutting edge technology and inspiration the cost is negligible. Remember a lot of what’s on the track will find its way to your car in the near future:-)

    Launching a rocket to explore outer space is colossally bad in terms of pollution , not to mention taxpayer money but can that be compared to what we stand to gain in terms of knowledge for the entire mankind to progress.

  26. Sumeet Grover

    Hi Gul. I’m really glad to see that you’ve put up a blog on your website. Thanks for giving this space to interact with all of us, given that you must be keeping busy with work etc.

    I was so impressed to see you in Dor, and that was like the ‘return’ or rather ’emerging’ of a talented actress. I watched Manorama Six Feet Under as well, and I just like you too much after that. You’re candidly beautiful and a precious talent. Both combined.

    I have started to like you as a person, after watching your interview on Ranvir Vinay Aur Kaun. I really feel that you are a special person in the Indian Film Fraternity. I wouldn’t use the term ‘Bollywood’ because to me it appears that even after decades, ‘Bollywood’ continues its obsession of love stories. To me, it looks like a mathematical machine, which produces amazing amount of permutations and combinations of different love stories.

    Anyhow. Thank you so much for your work, Gul. I just appreciate it so much.

    It’ll be great to hear from you.

    Take care of yourself and I’m tagged in as a keen audience for all your movies.


  27. Rajesh

    Hey Gul, Thanks for the reply. Touche! You can’t see me (obviously), but I am smiling widely in approval. Partly because of your cogent argument, but mainly because its rare to meet anyone on the net who still uses apostrophes and semi-colons in their sentences 🙂 You have earned one fan for life.

    Shishir dude, I waded through part of your reply (paragraphs are your friend). IMO, IITs are over-rated in terms of intellectual prowess. The thing that makes IIT special is the college environment and the legacy/brand name. If you apply those two to some other regional colleges, you would most likely get similar output.

  28. Gul Panag

    Hi Sumeet,
    Thank you. For appreciating my work, liking my blog and for seeing me differenly for the rest.

    I try and regularly keep in touch with writing. A blog’s a great way to do that, not to mention meet like minded people.

    Do keep in touch.

  29. Gul Panag

    Hi Shishir, Thank you for both your posts.My apologies for not geting back . The debate you’ve taken forward is trully intersting and needs a little more time ( and attention) than what I have at the moment, but get back i shall. Till then the field or shall I say floor is wide open for others!!

    Keep writing.

  30. Sumeet Grover

    Hey Gul,

    Thanks for writing in a reply. I really appreciate that, since I find it the hardest thing to maintain a blog or put myself in a social networking site. I think it does take a good amount of time and your personal space to share with other people.

    This looks very warm and welcoming, so I’m definitely going to drop in a message every now and then. By the way, I write poetry in a very different style. Most of the poems are merely 4-7 lines long. So if you would ever like to read them, do give me a shout! I guess, you’ll like them. (No worries if you don’t fancy reading them).

    Anyhow. I guess, you must be occupied with work these days. Good luck, and take all your time to reply to messages. We’d be happy to see the best of your work on-screen, so I’ll be patient to see your responses.

    One thing I wanted to say was that I really envy your Hindi! I hope you’d agree that most of us, of our generation, hardly ever have to read in hindi. In fact people envy others for their English! But I was very impressed to see you speaking good Hindi in Ranvir Vinay show. By this, I mean -intellectual- Hindi, and not just what we speak in day to day. I hope you understand what I mean. Its a shame but all my friends speak in English. But anyways, there you’ve got another feather in your hat!

    Yup. Have a really nice week!


  31. Subho Basu

    Your new look photo as published in Calcutta Times ,Times of india on 01/02/2008 promises you good time ahead. Best of Luck and keep it up.

  32. dhaval

    hi GUL its realy nice to be with u and u had a marvoles personality. u really admire me to be a good human . u r a great social worker . basically film industries had very proud on their outer beauty but found very rare star is out of that list and ur the one of them with a grogues inner beauty and i really like this thing.i m really respact 4 that. u r doing fantastic job .u r a beauty with brain belive me i m not trying to make impression on u but its true. i found very few person like u . u had ur owns world and u r happy in it .i like this qualitiy about u u r great role model 4 indian woman in the world .i like ur life stayle.specialliy i like u r boldness and simpllisity. may god gives u all that things which u want 2 in ur life . take care bye DHAVAL

  33. Sudhir

    hi Gul….
    you are good in “6 feet under”……good job
    futher ur new looks and hairstyle suits you a lot…..
    Keep it up with positive attitude


  34. Montu

    well…………i just want to known a bit more bout ur upcoming movies…especially the, adaptation of that iitian masterpiece!!!!!!hello

  35. Anderson

    Hi Gul

    I absolutely agree with you. F1 is not a ‘wasteful’ sport as Mr. Rajesh terms it to be, if you compare the technological break-throughs that are being achieved.

    And like you rightly said, what’s on track today will be in your car tomorrow. So in effect F1 is doing us a favour in addition to the entertainment being provided. And with an India angle being added this year I am not going to miss this years races for anything else in this world.

    Gr8 work keeping the blog updated…


  36. chandu

    Hi gul,
    It’s very interesting an actress had a blog and interacting with fans.
    Really thrilled to see your F1 pics. Big doubt- are you just modelling for F1 or really expert in driving F1 cars? However you are a beauty with boldness. I loved the combination.
    By the way there is typo error in your blog that is indian. you typed “Indain”. This error is in link to this place”why i am bloggin”. Please correct this. If that is some other word i am least bothered.

  37. Jimmy

    Hi Gul,
    I just came across ur web site.It was great to see that you personally answer many of the questions.From the discussion i found you to be a very intresting person.First of all,I liked ur acting in DOR and also you are like a girl next door.You just fitted into the charecter.In fact after seeing DOR I did not bother to see the malayalam version, ironically from which the story of DOR has been taken, even though I am from Kerala.I would put dor among the list of best movies from bollywood.
    bythe way what is your opinion on the fact that the fashion industry is promoting “Go thin” motto for ladies .Isnt it an unhealthy symptom.I would say that one has to be lean and not thin.But today the models tend to be ultra thin,it looks like they are just made of bones.Isnt it scary?

  38. spartan

    Hi Gul,

    Ill tell u how to express……read the paper every day? see movies? see people walking on street….just one step closer….for example…u do a favor to some body….and he or she thanks you….tell them to go ahead do the some kind of favor to some body and ask then to do the same what you asked them to do…then i think slowly one by one…day by day…every one would do the same……i am doing it…so can every one….


  39. Prathik

    Wow wow wow wow wow! I am so thrilled to see this blog of your Gul. Love you. 🙁 Too bad I’m just 17 🙁 I’d be sooooo honoured if you dropped by my blog, I’d be like YYyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy Gul was here all day long.

  40. surendar

    hi gul,
    this is surendar here,firstly i like to congratulate for the u got from the film dor,,,u r good looking and like ur dimples,,,wats ur future plans,any idea acting in southindian languages like tamil,telugu,,,anyone approached u????
    like to see u soon!!!
    with luv surendar,,,

  41. Prathik Rajendran

    I went to IIT Chennai recently and it was a wonderful experience! People from IIT, indeed do good in life. Main reason is that their mind is molded that way there, the environment required to create successful people is created there. IITs are not the only way to achieve that state though.

    Brain drain is not necessarily harmful for the country. My dad lives in the US and I live in India. He didn’t do MBA or any business course but tough life in the US thought him what to do and now he runs two successful companies ComLSI (comlsi.com) and AnaSIM (anasim.com). Now he is setting up a company in India, won’t this create a few jobs.

    People who go out of their country will still love it, no matter what. Patriotism is a part of Indian blood, I believe. Those who go out of India and become successful, will come back, atleast cos they know man power is not that expensive here.

    Day by day India is becoming more like China (except for communism). “Do your homework kid or an Indian might steal your job”, this respect for Indians came only after Indians went there.

  42. Shubhendu

    Ah! I am just so thrilled to have discovered your blog. I suppose i should take some time to digest this and then post comments?

  43. SP

    I just wanna say that u r gorgeoous, most beautiful and assertive woman I hv ever seen on the screen. But I failed to understand why couldnt u make it big on the screen… Anyhow best of luck….

  44. Gul Panag

    Thank you SP.
    Pray tell me “what making it”, is?? Becoming a slave to someone else’s idea of success? Following someone’s else path? Success( and that is always relative and subjective) is only success if achieved by living by your own rules. I am not here to follow a formula- ironed out,dyed hair and lenses. Sorry I am not the standard factory issue actress. I am what I am, and I am most importantly- an individual who celebrates her individuality. I am like Maggie HOT’N SWEET tomato ketchup. I am different:-)

  45. Dr.Zahid Gillani

    Best of Luck

  46. aparajita

    You have a wonderful waay of expressing yourself. There is something melifluous in your tone that easily attracts attention. I have neither seen DOR nor have seen you but heard or saw your name many times on the Television Screen, came to know about you in your blog. Well, if you are interested, I would like to divert your attention from Chetan Bhagat to Karan Johar. Do you feel that he is capable of making intellectual film like the ones of Amol Palekar, Girish Karnard, Mrinal Sen, Rituparno Sengupta, Adoor Gopalakrishnan or Mani Ratnam?
    I tell you why I dwell on this topic. Five Point Someone was never written with the fervor to touch a heart, rather to strike a mark, say with a leading Publishing House, (strictly my opinion, as I did not fid the other two that inteersting) similarly Karan Johar’s impression on the love aspect failed to make a lasting impression since KANK. I don’t know why. I feel he is scared to risk a lot of fame and fun if he tries to put his hand on any such story dealing with a tricky theme. Do you have any comments to make? I would love to hear from you.

  47. Shubhendu

    Greetings Gul,
    I saw your last comment and that I must say was very well said, that resonates with me and what I think about success.

    Let me be frank about this. I would have thought you’d just be saying it had i just come across what you said. But now I really know what you mean as I have seen you twice and got to talk to you once and that too about the blog 🙂

    I was just writing on my own blog (link above) and I remembered yours. I met you yesterday near my friend Amit’s farmhouse (I won’t mention the place on a public forum, but I am sure you understood that part) with my girl. When Amit told me to sit in his car when you were waiting at the village, I wanted to run away as
    1. I am very shy.
    2. I don’t see any point in “going to see” a celebrity as I see that as rude in some sense.

    But after a very small talk with you, you came across as a very simple yet sophisticated girl. No “lenses and dyed hair” as is the case with most actresses that I have met, mostly at Amit’s place only. No show-off, very easy to talk to. Yesterday when I returned home I saw a movie of yours as I had never seen any of yours. Your work speaks for how you are in real.

    Being a researcher, I have met a few prominent professors with a multiplicity of important work to their name and also (by accident) have met some actresses. In some sense for the above reasons, you seemed to more resemble the simple, cute yet incisive and intelligent professor than the “actress category”. I hope you got my point.

    Now I really understand what you mean in your comment and that it is not just said for the sake of saying it.

    And to add, I am not really your “fan”, but yes I find you very very beautiful and very charming and very intelligent. Your comments stand testimony to that.

    Regards, And all the very best for everything you decide on doing.

    – Shubhendu

  48. Prashant

    Hmmm.. We are here to hear you.. but it seems you had been busy with work and do not have much time to write blog.

    When would be writing your next blog???

  49. kanu gaur

    hi gul
    you know this is my first blog ever. i am doin pgdm frm jaipur n today i dont know why it just clicked to me that i shd try blogging n when i was searching for different blog ids i came across urs it really facinated me n i am rather surprised to see that u actually reply to all the comments. i am really touched.i dont know how to write this blog thing but i hope i am nt writing any bakwas.
    looking forward to ur reply


  50. pankaj

    Q:-why i am blogging?
    your answer includes:-I simply want to share my experiences as I go thru my life. Some times I’ve been in very frustrating situations but had no way of sharing it and so could do nothing to make sure others don’t go thru it. Or felt very strongly about certain issues but had no way to get involved.

    well i want to ask u a question plz you are a celebrity u started blogging to share you views.
    but wat about the ppl like us we too sometimes find ourself in very frustrating situation but wat does an ordinary person like me can do in this?
    if i start blogging no one is going to read it
    any suggestions????

  51. xohaib

    hey i em a vry big fan ov yours i em frm pakistan .
    i lyk your recent movie hello looking vry gourgeous keep it up .

  52. sumit

    Hey,I am big Internation Fan yours from Canada. As i am from Software Field to i should compliment you for the website you have maintained. The design and work is really commendable.

    I have always appreciated your performance and looks right from the days of Dhoop to Dor then to Manorma and now Hello..

    I must congratulate you for your future and wishing you All the Very best ahead..

    – Luv

  53. raghav kohli

    hi gul.
    this is raghav kohli and im from jammu.i am really a great fans of yours. first i like to appreciate you for taking initiative to talk for women’s rite. i really like your site. my best wishes are with you. correct if i am wrong ,few years r months back i came to hear about you working for some welfare. well i must say you really are a good actor. i really like your way of writing blogs on the net and sharing yourself with us………god bless you….take care…do well in future…hope to get a reply from you soon…..

  54. xohaib

    HEY ! .
    well i was saw your picture looking gordeous & your smile is very cute .

  55. Rohan

    Hello Gul,
    I am very much surprised on finding such a beautiful site which is helping you to voice yourself. The website looks one of its kind due its “neatness”. Today I remember my high school days during your “Musafir hoon Yaaron” show, how I used to wish if could talk with you and share my love for travel too. I am huge admirer of yours since then.

    Regarding the IITs topic, you answered your own question at the end. Yes the truth is people often end up changing their minds in future during the course of four years.
    Many are not sure about why they chose that particular engineering discipline or why engineering itself.

    It happens that in India, every person has a dream to become successful in his career and IITs are always in limelight especially for teenagers who are just finishing their schools. They naturally end up deciding to enter IITs and become engineers for a brighter future of his/her and family.

    An artist, who is also a brilliant science student, and though he knows he is good in art, but at his teenage, rather chooses to aim for IITs. It may happen then at a later part of his life, at an elder age, he would shift to design schools or in art/design industry; thus actually not involving in science & technological research.

    On your point on the research work in Formula1, I am completely in support of it happening. One can only see the position of the automotive companies participating in F1 in delivering world class end product to the customer. If there would have been no such R&D sport , one could have never ever thought of the idea of travelling faster than 50kmph and innovations like bullet trains, jet engines; to help you now travel the world, would have never existed.

    Thats the end of my first ever web blog.
    Keep blogging, “Maggie”


  56. raghav kohli

    hi gul
    dis is raghav again…..vt hpnd no more blogging now…….i was hoping to get a reply from you…i think may be you are busy wid your hectic schedule..no problems…still hope to get a reply and new blog from you…keep blogging….

  57. Bhavesh

    Hey Gul,
    Blogging is a good idea to share opinions & express feelings.
    I have small suggestion about your blog.
    Please remove black background with any light colour, Because black colour make users very uncomfortable.

    I hope you listen your fans….

  58. Cyn1c

    You are blogging because sharply dressed clones with computerized smiles haunt you. They’re an inseparable part of your life…and liife’s like cooking a dish and you may not have all the ingredients every time, so you make do.

    You blog because if you don’t, you’d miss the most important ingredient.


  59. romeobagga

    I wish you will be my eyes
    And help me to be wise
    In times when I don’t know
    When I lose my way
    Guide me with your love
    To a place where I will be safe
    I ask to find your light
    And hold it in my heart
    When stars go out each night
    Remind me where you are
    Let this be my wish
    When shadows fill my day
    I ask that life be kind
    I hope my soul will find
    Your soul to love
    Let this be my prayer
    Just like every child

  60. cybersaaavy

    its so nice seeing a actress blog ………as a fan i eagerly read each of your posts…………nice design too…………u r a great personality

  61. sahir chadha

    HI GUL..


  62. Unknown

    The debate on IITs is what prompting to drop a comment here..
    Are we people born with a note saying you are supposed to do this particular profession???
    Is education not a right of every individual?
    We are in a society where people respect u by looking at ur alma mater so is it someone’s mistake when he gets through into IITs,IIMs by his merit.
    Many a time it takes time to realise out interest
    Mark Knopfler the lead guitarist of Dire Straits 1st touched a guitar at the age of 25..and went on to become legendary guitarist… had he been an IITian or IIMian.. would u still slam him???
    The experience in IITs and IIMs is what helps someone in shaping his character and his outlook. Be it in any profession they try to excel.
    ..yours truly
    yet another IIT-IIMian

  63. Abhinaba Basu

    Stared reading your blog yesterday from your last post and now after all I am seeing it is over… Good writeup post some new, ur posts are nice to read.

    I will wait for your next post…

  64. sonia

    Hey Gul! I Like your work ,very nice work ,keep it up

  65. Waseem Gul

    I found your site in search engine ,when i came through this post ,I am very impressed by your work, really nice work Gul! I am really impressed.

  66. drsankalp

    Hi Gul
    Regarding your new topic for blogging” pros and cons of reservation” its irrelevant now as the issue is gone beyond people sensibilities.
    Rather it will be better to take topic like climate change which still emerging on horizon of human civilization.
    But anyway its your forum.
    Happy Valentine Day !

  67. Umar Farooque

    By choosing blogging, I think you have chosen great way to interact with your fans and to share your day to day life. Love your blog :).

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