Ask Purab Kohli and Yamini if I have broken their home: Gul Panag

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Actress Gul Panag apparently fell in love with her co-star Purab Kohli and reportedly didn’t stop kissing him even when the director went on screaming ‘cut!’ several times during the shooting of her new film. It was later reported that Purab subsequently got divorced from his wife Yamini. So, has Panag become a ‘home-breaker’ now?

“Wrong!” screams the former beauty queen. “You know something? I had kept quiet because it involved the personal lives of my co-stars. But before you ask me whether I have broken their home, why don’t you go and ask the same question to Purab? I am sure they will tell you the reason,” says Panag, who admits that she’s been ‘disturbed’ about the tag of a home-breaker for quite sometime now.

“Let me clear a few things now. We wrapped up shooting for the film last year in November. The kissing scene had been shot quite sometime back when Purab and Yamini were still together. I still remember that she was working with filmmaker Prakash Jha (She was assisting him on the film Rajneeti). She had recently gone to Turkey and she had bought me a few bracelets from there. So, when I was shooting with him, they were very much a couple,” says Gul.

Panag admits to the fact that she is also seeing somebody for quite some time but she doesn’t want to talk about him in detail. “You know, whatever is happening is also affecting me or Purab but also the people connected with us. I don’t want to let this whole thing affect him (her boyfriend),” she says. Sources say that Panag’s boyfriend is no way related to the film industry at all.

“Whatever happened between Purab and Yamini happened between them and I was nowhere near them when all that was happening. Suddenly, the whole talk of me breaking their home is just a conjecture because I have again gotten in touch with him just a few days ago when the promotions (of their film) started. The whole episode is really sad,” she ends.

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