Gul Panag all set to run at Bangalore’s 10k marathon

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Bollywood actress Gul Panag is extremely passionate about fitness, and on June 5th and you can catch her run at the 10K marathon.
Gul Panag is extremely passionate about fitness
Bollywood damsel Gul Panag who tied the knot early this year to her long term beau Rish Attari, is still trying to figure out what has changed in her life. “It doesn’t even feel like I am married. Nothing has changed in my life. I guess the reason being that it was not an arranged marriage. I have known him for so long,” she states who is flying to Bangalore today to participate in the 10K run on June 5.

From the past fifteen years, Gul has been running constantly ideally for fitness and to participate in various marathons across the country. She is one of the few Bollywood celebrities to have taken this route a lot more seriously. “Running is a great form of exercise. And I always do the 10k twice a week irrespective of where I am. I mostly prefer to run on the roads but then if that doesn’t work out then I run on the treadmill,” says Gul who is extremely thrilled to be running in Bangalore mainly because of it’s weather, which is ultimate for runners. 
She is intensely enthusiastic about running and thinks that running is one sport that doesn’t require any high-end equipment except  for a basic pair of shoes. “It is a great way to stay fit. And for me as an actor it’s a pre-requisite to remain fit. If a director approaches me for a role where I have to wear a bikini, I should be able to do it without telling him that I need six months to shed my weight. Even when it comes to participating in events like Triathlon I have to be fit enough to wear a swimsuit,” says the fitness freak, who thinks that an actor who is always conscious about her weight can never be comfortable in front of the camera.
Gul runs because she is extremely passionate about it and fetches her immense happiness. “If I can influence people to run and stay fit than I am more than happy. One really cannot come up with an excuse when it comes to running. A lot of boys in the gym cannot run half as much as I do,” she remarks who feels that there is a huge difference between staying fit and being skinny.
“Staying fit is the ability to endure a grueling day at work and still have the energy to come back home do something more. We all live a sedentary lifestyle so it becomes even more important to incorporate fitness into our daily routine,” says the former Miss India who keeps away from excessive fried foods and sugary drinks. “I do indulge in desserts sometime but then I stay away from it as much as I can because I know I have to stay fit and look good even when I am 70.”
Right now it’s just the marathon that’s on her mind and Bollywood has taken a back seat for a while, “I have learnt from my mistakes and I am not hurrying up with anything right now. Though I am reading a lot of scripts which are interesting, I’m taking it slow,” says Gul who loves the fact that every day throws opens a new challenge allowing her to live life to the fullest. 

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