Gul Panag gets bitten by her pet dog

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Gul Panag has been in pain since the last few days. The actress was bitten by her pet dog Milo and has been taking anti-rabies shots. 
It is learnt that she was trying to administer some medicine when it expressed its displeasure by biting her hand. The wound was painful and infectious, she had to seek medical help.
“As it was a known dog, I was recommended three anti-rabies injections. I also had to take a tetanus shot. I also do horse-riding, so I have to keep on taking the shots,” says Gul.
This is not the first time her pooch has bitten her. “I have been bit several times before; it happens,” she says. 
Interestingly, animal lover Gul’s pet is on Twitter and has its own account! The Beagle’s info on the account reads: ‘I am a dog, named Milo by my human master Gul Panag. I lead an adventurous and exciting life. I rub shoulder with the high and low of society’.
The actress, who was last seen in films like Straight and Hello, also keeps mentioning Milo on her Twitter account — about her taking it for a walk or for an outing to her cousins’ home. As she writes about being bitten, ‘It happens quite often out of defense mechanism. Once when I was trying to get him out from under sofa, while bathing.”
Buzz is that the actress and her pet were to attend a dog show, and that the appearance was cancelled because of the incident.

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