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Actress Gul Panag, who dropped by to visit DNA on Wednesday was at her talkative best. In fact, Panag said that her resolution these days is to “restrict herself from talking so much. I avoid giving out too many details and try to be precise,” she laughed.
Ask her what she likes the most about DNA and she promptly said, “Before reading the main paper, I have to read DNA. You know, there are some people who like to have desert before main course — I’m like that! I also like the fact that what I get to read is not something which is paid for. I can’t read such stuff at all. I also like the party meter because I’m not someone who heads out at all. So when I see the party meter the next day, I know whether I made the right decision by not attending a party or not.”
Talking about her various passions, Panag said that she has always been in pursuit of having a “life” and not just a career. “Most people confuse their career for their life. And I think that most even realise this at some point of their life. But for some, it just becomes too late,” said Panag.
Reminiscing an incident when she had started out in Bollywood, she said, “When I first started working, I didn’t know the way to go around. It took a little while to figure out how to go about things. When people used to ask me what I like, I’d say ‘Oh I like to travel and to write.’ But then I was told that I am supposed to say that I eat, live and breathe films and that I cannot think beyond films.”
However she didn’t stick to that mantra for long. “I realised that when you try to fit yourself into a pre-existing mode, it becomes difficult. I tried, initially, to try and conform to a mode but I realised I guess that I’m just not meant for it. Maybe I was impressionable enough to believe people when I started out, but in the end I felt that if I adhered to it, I wouldn’t be the same person.” 

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