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It’s important to not let work from home take away focus from your work-life balance.

Just because you are working from home due to the lockdown following the coronavirus pandemic, it doesn’t mean you become lazy and skip your routine activities. In fact, it is extremely important that you start your day like you usually did and not be sleeping until late. Even actor Aahana Kumra, who recently went live on Facebook page, mentioned the need to sleep on time and wake up on time along with following a healthy routine to keep your mind sharp.

In a similar vein, actor Gul Panag’s Instagram post spills the beans on how she manages to stay focused and maintain a balance in the time of social distancing.

Take a look!

“Working from home can be a challenge. This is what works for me,” mentioned 41-year-old Panag while listing out how she structures her day which helps her set priorities.

*I start the day by making a to-do list and prioritising it over my morning cup of tea.

*I have a designated work place – the dining table.

*A designated work time.

*Designated work clothes – just hanging out in lounge wear, gym clothes, night suit, makes me lazy.

Here are some other pointers to help you make most out of your time at home:
Communicate well at home

When you work from home, your family and even pets tend think that you are available, since you are not in your work clothes and not going anywhere. You must, therefore, establish some boundaries. Let them know you are working and would appreciate if you are left alone and not distracted for a few hours. In order to stay focused, you need to communicate well.

Tidy your work space

Just like your office space, keep the workstation tidy and surrounding area clean before you sit down to work. An untidy house can kill your motivation and, if anything, make you feel more distracted. Before you call it a day, clean up the space so you can work better the next day.

Maintain a work-life balance

It is highly pertinent to maintain a work-life balance so that you don’t end up giving your personal time to your office work and end up disturbing your personal life. When you call it a day, try not to go back to work-related matters. It will save you from exhaustion.

Tell us how are you managing your work from home?

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