Gul Panag: Riding bikes doesn’t make a girl a tomboy

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The adventurous actress Gul Panag, who loves riding bikes, says riding a bike doesn’t make a girl a tomboy.
“No one ever called me a tomboy. Then or now. I don’t think riding bikes makes a girl a tomboy. Who decides what girls should do or not do? I’m glad the gender stereotypes are being challenged,” said the 35 year old actress.
She says she is lucky to be able to combine her work and her passion, with the kind of the profession she is in. “One can always take out time for things one wants to do. With all the travel, writing, and blogging I do, I am able to combine work and my passion,” she said.
Talking about her husband, Rishi Attari, she said “Both of us share a common passion for adventure and the outdoors and he is most enthusiastic and supportive of all my interests.”
She also adds that while adventure is fun, steps should be taken to make it safe. “Adventure is always about taking calculated risks, not being reckless…I always ride with full riding gear that protects my spine, elbows, knees and head from a fall,” she said.
When asked if she would ever make a film on adventure, she winked and said “Most definitely.”

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