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High drama took place during the book reading session of Varon BK Sharma’s acclaimed novel Assasination of George Bush at Crossword’s Juhu branch. Actress Gul Panag, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and filmmaker cum activist Ashok Pandit engaged in a verbal duel which led to early wrapping up of the book reading session.
The high voltage book, Assassination of George Bush written by actor turned novelist, Varon BK Sharma has been fast gaining popularity and to celebrate its success a book reading session was organized. It saw a decent celebrity turnout of Bollywood town folks such as Mahesh Bhatt, Gul Panag, Shefali Shah, Ashok Pandit, Suchitra Pillai, Roza Catallano, Aman Verma and socialite Nisha Jamwal.
Since the celebrities present had already read the book, a healthy discussion began on its content and the issue of global Islamic terrorism it deals with. One thing lead to another and when the topic came to why there are few Muslims in Indian army; a heated argument took place between Gul Panag and Mahesh Bhatt. Gul comes from an army background and she therefore put up her views more strongly. Ashok Pandit too chipped in voicing his opinion on the topic. Mahesh Bhatt known for his command over such issues, for once appeared cornered. Soon their voices raised as their argument continued and it was all happening right in front of the present media and the guests present. The Crossword store official sensing that the matter would go out of hand intervened and hurriedly announced the end of the event. Bhatt was seen leaving the venue in a huff post that.
When asked, Varon who has also written the critically acclaimed film directed by Subhash Ghai, Black and White, said, “I feel it was a healthy debate and nothing much should be read into that. The matters of the book are explosive so some sparks are bound to fly.” -Sampurn Media

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