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Gul Panag: I want to be remembered as a credible actor
March 2nd, 2009
Recently, Gul Panag was in Chandigarh city to promote her film STARIGHT and the newly opened FAME multiplex. Five years in the industry and an equal count of films to her credit, but that doesn't deviate Gul Panag from her priority. She spells it for us, 'I have always aspired to do different roles.' Here she gets a little more serious about the topic and adds, 'I want to leave… more
Gul in a condom advt?
February 28th, 2009
Actress Gul Panag, who’s done a TV commercial with Aamir Khan, says that she’d love to do some more of them with the ‘thinking Khan'. “I’ll certainly do a commercial with Aamir – even if it’s for something like condoms! And on the subject of condoms, people ought to learn to talk about condoms openly,” she says. The idea of a condom commercial is, in part, based on her hope… more
Gul Panag’s Straight encounters
February 28th, 2009
Gul Panag who shot for Straight Ek Tedhi Medhi Love Story  with Vinay Pathak and director Parvati Balgopal recalls a funny incident while shooting for the film in UK. The actress says that their location manger Joshua had finalized locales for the film and they were shooting in the subway. “We had to shoot with certain amount of junior artistes in the film. There were 12 of them and we… more
Beauty is only an adjective
February 27th, 2009
After the success of Hello, an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s One Night @ The Call Centre, Gul Panag will star in Straight, which is due to hit screens next month. “Straight is a romantic comedy about a man who tries hard to fall in love,” she says. On her role, she says, “I play a caricature artist, hired by Vinay Pathak, the hero of the film, to decorate his hotel.… more
I’m Waiting for a woman to hit on Me: Gul Panag
February 22nd, 2009
As Gul Panag readies herself for the release of her film Straight: Ek Tedhi Medhi Love Story, she claims that she would be flattered if a woman made a pass at her. She says, "It has not yet happened but I would be extremely flattered. I'd like to try the other side. I would not call it a lesbian relationship… but I'm not closed to homosexuality at all." Don't go… more
Gul uncensored
February 20th, 2009
After a hectic round of interviews, she confesses that she is incidentally “not a very friendly person”. Obviously flattered with the response to the commercial opposite Aamir Khan, she says the chemistry clicks simply because “both actors know how to do their job”. “I was scared of hitting Aamir in the commercial but he insisted I hit him hard,” she laughs. But her favourite Khan is still Shah Rukh. “He… more
Straight talk with Gul Panag
February 19th, 2009
If that be the case, then even after being around in the industry for long and having worked with acclaimed directors, you aren’t seen or heard enough... I am grateful that my work has spoken for itself in giving me credibility and respect as an actor. Beyond my work, I have no desire to be seen or heard for random things like a new car or a house, a dog… more
Rann is not about 26/11: Gul Panag
February 19th, 2009
And she’s determined to stick to her policy of choosing her roles. On her upcoming Straight with Vinay Pathak, Gul says, “It’s a romantic comedy and completely original,” she asserts. Gul plays a caricature artist in the movie and, “the character is quite offbeat-looking,” assures Gul, who’s made a conscious effort to stay away from being typecast. Does her role in Straight have a comic streak to it? “You can’t… more
Gul Panag is proud of being a fitness freak
February 16th, 2009
Mumbai (IANS): She is a self-confessed fitness freak, leads a disciplined life and doesn't skip her workout regimen, but at the same time actress Gul Panag ensures her personal time-table doesn't disrupt her professional commitments. Gul Panag started shooting last week for Ram Gopal Varma's much anticipated take on the media - "Rann". But before reporting for her 9 a.m. call for the shoot, she went for a quick run,… more

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