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Actor Gul Panag believes in a healthy workout, which entails running, yoga and gym.

gul-runBeing a powerful opinion leader who always stands up for women’s issues actor Gul Panag needs to be fit to carry on with her mission. Sharing her fitness mantra, Gul reveals, “I run everyday. I believe running is the easiest, most natural way to get fit. And I try to eat healthy. Most of us know what’s good for your body and what’s not. So just choosing the healthy options and making time for that workout. So no matter what I’m doing, I make time for my workout,” she says. Gul is a seasoned half-marathon runner.

The actor travels a lot and at times finding time for workout becomes difficult. “When I visit a new city, one of the things I might do is replace the traditional sightseeing drive with a run around the city. With apps like the google maps etc. this is very doable. And if I have early meetings, I’d find time later in my day. It helps that my husband also sees this as a priority. So I find creative ways to do that,” says Gul.

She wants to inspire women to be active and to follow their dreams. From customising car for her road trip to setting her own fitness regimen, Gul does all this in her own style. “I’ve been setting my own fitness regimen for the longest time, and believe that it’s totally possible for people to get fit without complicated aids. However, I do work with trainers in the gym or yoga instructors, and have a running buddy for long distance runs. I think it’s very helpful when you have someone or an aid like an app that can monitor your progress and programme.”

In terms of fitness during summers one needs to be smart about the time chosen for the exercise, specially if it’s outdoors. “It is best to work out through the cooler parts of the day.” Gul takes conscious activism to all her endeavours and is ambassador of the women’s running initiative ‘Pinkathon’.

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