The perfectly adventurous couple

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I strongly believe that couples who play together stay together. It is important that couples share a common interest and do things together. Come on! How long can you do the same old routine again and again? People say that it is difficult to find a partner like that but I was lucky. I have known Rishi for a very long time and we understand each other very well. Both of us like to do things zara hatke. He was totally game when I suggested arriving at the reception ceremony on a Bullet rather than a ghori or a fancy car. Our relatives were also a sport to join us on Bullets and it was a sight to remember.
Rishi, my husband has been the wind beneath my wings for years and he supported me at all given time.
According to me, love is the glue that binds a relationship. You cannot be with a person because you are physically attracted to him or her but because the person loves you. It is important for couples retain and share the love.
(Gul Panag is an actor)

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