This is what helps Gul Panag ‘seize the day and the week, psychologically’

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“In the course of the week, I do 2-3 days of strength (mix of traditional, plyometric and HIIT), three days of running and a day of yoga,” Gul Panag shared

Gul Panag swears by an active way of life, and often shares inspiring videos and updates pertaining to her fitness journey. Recently, too, she gave us massive fitness inspiration as she opened up about her routine these days. “Starting the week with a run. It helps me seize the day. And the week, psychologically,” she said in a detailed caption along with a mirror selfie.

“I’m slowly working back, to restoring fitness by following my time-tested formula of balancing strength, endurance, and flexibility. In the course of the week, I do 2-3 days of strength (mix of traditional, plyometric, and HIIT), three days of running, and a day of yoga. On some days, I end up doing strength and endurance. On other days, I end up doing strength and flexibility. And other days I end up doing endurance and flexibility. Some days only endurance. Or strength or flexibility,” she added.

Gul also shared that she is “committed to hitting my endurance, strength and flexibility goals”. “But I’ve learnt over time to be flexible in my approach. I take each day of the week as it comes. And decide how I’m feeling on that morning to plan what I want to do that day. But I start Monday with a run because a run conquers all,” said Panag, who has taken to the 5 am wake up club. “I have been working on the #5amclub for sometime. Not bad. Not bad at all,” she shared.

While doing cardio workouts like running or brisk walking, it is important to also focus on weight training for overall health, said Sameeran Chetia, certified fitness trainer. According to him, weight training not only helps in maintaining muscle but also in increasing bone density. As people grow old, their joints become susceptible to problems such as arthritis and osteoporosis, which can be avoided by adopting a proper weight training regime, he told in an earlier interaction.

One should be doing at least 30 minutes of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) which should start with specific floor exercises and bodyweight training. A good exercise routine has three main components — endurance training, resistance training, and flexibility, explained Dr Manjunath Sukumaran, holistic health coach, chief facilitator, and founder of Harmony Wellness Concepts.

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