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After a hectic round of interviews, she confesses that she is incidentally “not a very friendly person”. Obviously flattered with the response to the commercial opposite Aamir Khan, she says the chemistry clicks simply because “both actors know how to do their job”.

“I was scared of hitting Aamir in the commercial but he insisted I hit him hard,” she laughs. But her favourite Khan is still Shah Rukh. “He has immense charisma. I don’t know how he does what he does. He’s not a good looking guy but he just keeps getting hotter,” she says.

The self-proclaimed “kissing queen” is tired of responding to the question of how it was kissing Vinay Pathak in her upcoming movie, Straight — Pinu Patel kii Tedhi Medhi Love Story.

“I’ve kissed in all my movies… but people look for controversy where there isn’t any. I’m not an advocate of promiscuity but let people be. I just find it annoying,” she says.

Since the movie is about a guy confused about whom to choose between a girl and another guy, she has a message to all the youth — straight, gay or bisexual.

“I have a problem with this bloody moral policing that’s going on. You can’t tell people what kind of sex to have. We claim to be the land of Kamasutra. People who oppose women from doing what they like doing or someone walking hand in hand should first take a look at the Khajuraho temple. Our history is seeped in sex!”

As she toys with her fancy earrings, it’s hard not to ask her if she likes to splurge. “Well… these were my last purchase… but I’m not telling you how much they are worth,” she laughs adding, “But the most expensive thing I bought recently was an Enfield motorbike.”

The adventure enthusiast says that the craziest thing she did recently was go bungee jumping with her 18-year-old brother, who she also claims to be closest to. So how has her career shaped up? “I’ve been in the industry for 10 years… I can’t even lie about my age since it is chronicled by the media… and I’m the same imbecile I started out as,” she says.

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