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gulGul, the beautiful dimple, was seen last in Summer 2007, though for a little while as the film didn’t work well at the box office. Now the babe is ready to knock at the theatre doors with her three upcoming projects. Here is a scrap of conversation between Rajnee Gupta and the versatile actress…

Q. Please tell us about your character in Hello…
A. I play Priyanka – a girl who is very glam, and aware of the power of her good looks. She has shades of grey that makes her very real and relatable.

Q. The film is based on a novel. How did you feel giving life to such a character especially while you know that people know about the character?
A. I tried to play the character with utmost honestly and sincerity. I also had lots of discussions with Chetan Bhagat about playing Priyanka. Lastly, I left myself completely in the hands of Atul.

Q. Have you ever read the book?
A. Three times before meeting Atul for the first time. Twice again while filming.

gulQ. Atul Agnihotri as a director… tell about a good thing and a bad thing…
A. He is a very gentle person, and finds it difficult to be tough with people, which I suppose could be a bad thing. And because he’s been an actor, he’s fabulous with actors, which is a great thing.

Q. How was the experience of working with actors, especially Isha? You are doing Hello Darling with her and it’s because of her that the shoot got delayed all the time…
A. Eesha is extremely talented and hardworking. I got along well with her during Hello and got even closer during Hello Darling. Shoot’s get delayed for lots of reasons, but I can assure you not on account of her. She is too professional for that.

Q. Salman and Katrina are also there in this flick. Do you have any scene with them?
A. No. I shot the promo song with Salman, though, and it was a great experience.

Q. Summer 2007 flopped. What do you expect from this film?
A. So? So did many other big films. One can’t stop being part of good cinema on the basis of their box office future. As for this film, it is a good film and very well made. Expectations? I never think about things that are out of my control! When a good film does well it shows that the audience has good taste.

gulQ. You entered Bollywood from a glamour world of beauty contest but accepted non-glamorous roles. Then after all these years suddenly you got entangled in a controversy of skin showing. Do you intend to change your image with that or have some other intention?
A. I am fortunate that I have the image of a “good” and “credible” actor. And I would not want to change that. Actors take years trying to get that.

As for glamour or the lack of it, I have to say it’s a complete non issue for me when choosing my roles. And just because I’ve done de glam roles in the past doesn’t make Gul, the person, de glam. I am what I am – someone who is versatile enough to be able to carry off everything.

And about controversy, I am not aware of any!! And skin show?? Please!! When have I ever been the demure one in a sari or salwar kameez off screen??

Not more than a few times and that, too, for maintaining the sanctity of an occasion. I have always dressed in my own way –whether it’s short dresses or deep necks there’s nothing new or different and certainly no ‘intention’.

Q. Your forthcoming projects…
A. Right now I am engaged to three projects, namely Hello, Hello Darling and Straight. In Hello I am working with Sohail Khan, Sharman Joshi, Ishaa Kopikar, Amrita Arora and Sharod Saxena.

In Straight you can watch me with Vinay Pathak and in Hello Darling I am screened with Celina Jaitly, Ishaa Kopikar, Javed Jaffrey and Chunky Pandey.

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