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Woke up with a start when the bell rang this morning. It was 10. And I’d overslept. Even for a Sunday. So much for having a dog. Apparently some dogs wake up their owners at like 6 everyday. Milo is not one of them. He wakes up when I do.
It’s pouring cats and dogs. Trying to take the dog out in the morning rain is another story. Managed to get his raincoat on, grabbed my umbrella and we went out. Now, walking a dog who doesn’t want to get his feet wet can be painful. And it was.

Back at home, I realise I am late for a resident representative committee meeting. More politics follows. This was supposed to my relaxation day. Hair cut , a run and then curling up on the sofa to read and finish Tuhin Sinha’s Of Love and Politics. Riding the Enfield is ofcourse out. However there is still hope. I could be done with the haircut, the run and still be back at home for a late lunch. Milo and I leave for the salon. Saroj, my man friday offers to drive us( Milo too, with all the rain and Bombay’s reputation for flooding can’t risk leaving him at home, incase I get stuck somewhere). Once I reach the salon, Milo, after seeing the rain, decides to stay in the car!!

What was going to be a quick trim now becomes a long drawn affair with me being talked into colouring my hair. 4 hrs later, I head to the gym for a run. I strain my eyes in the locker room mirror to catch a glimpse of the ‘colour’ that has taken so long. Not seeing much I head for the weekly run. Or atonement . An exhaustive leg workout, run and shower later I finally head home. Milo, waiting patiently in the car, licks my face clean of all the moisturiser I had just applied. And it’s still raining as we crawl through traffic.

An early dinner, follows another attempt to walk Milo, failing again. I am on the couch, not quite curled up, 6 hrs later than planned , finally reading my book( with Milo in my feet). Yes, I could still call it bliss.

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    1. kevshill

      All in all sounds like a nice Sunday….. you did most of wot you planned and got in a quick post to the blog. 🙂 So nothing to complain I guess.

    2. pushpinder

      Hey Gul – posted after a long time!

      So how is the Book? Worth reading and finishing or just the Sunday types?

    3. hiteshrawat

      i love rain…..being a Delhi-ite it comes naturally to me……… but ppl here in bangalore doesn’t seem to like rains much…..may be cause they got it……and Delhi-ites don’t ……

      any ways….good to know you like rains too………..

      hey, one suggestion….would like to hear more from you…..more frequently……. : )

      i felt bad cause indiblogger team didn’t announce that you will be coming to indiblogger mumbai meeting…….else i would have pakka made it………. any ways……if you will plan to make it to any of Indiblogger meet……..plz…do announce it earlier….

    4. midhun

      Hi Gul

      It was a pleasant surprise to see your blog entry. Seems like you are blogging once in a blue moon only nowadays.

      It was a nice read. Now that we know what your Sunday was, let me tell you how my Sunday was.

      It was a rainy Sunday here at Kochi too. That is it began and ended with rain. I woke up to rain at 8 am. Lazily, helped Ma with some cooking, went for a movie “The Blue Kite” (Mandarin). Took two books from the library. Now reading “The Maruti Story”. Read the weekend’s paper. Cycled after quite long for some time. Watched another movie on TV “Calcutta News” (Malayalam). Now it is raining here like in the morning.

      Do post more often.


    5. Appu

      Chai & Pakoras – I guess is missing.
      What say?

    6. Rashpal



      Your daily Diary detail are interesting.
      Your pet milo is very lucky to lick your beautiful Visage.
      Like Dhoni you should also not trim your hair
      You look very sexy in long hairs

      Yeh Mumbai ki barsat mein apka bhigna
      Bhige badan mein angdai shuban allaha
      Kash humko bhi didar ho sakata apke husan ka
      Humse jayada to milo Kush naseeb hain

    7. Gul Panag

      Hey Midhun. You watch Mandarin Films?!
      Super impressed!

      Thanks Hitesh I hope to make it to the next #indiblogger meet as well:)

    8. Gul Panag

      Hi Pushpinder!!
      The book is good. thoroughly enjoyable. Easy read but has depth too.

      yes quite fulfilling.

    9. Arjun

      Hey, just saw the trailer for “Turning 30.” Looks great. 🙂 good luck.

      And this line from Purab Kohli was nice:
      “I can’t be your rebound sex toy forever.”

      If I were single, I’d have disagreed with that.

    10. rashpal

      on a lazy Rain sunday
      make it a funday
      just chill at home
      as pot hole of Mumbai
      can mar your dayout
      so make it a home day
      Just tweet & connect
      time will fly when you are on the net
      day will become night
      just embrace the cloud
      you will be on cloud nine
      so rain makes your day
      just tune to jagjit singh eh baarish ka mausam woh kagaj ki kashti !

    11. Manu

      hey Gul… me having a salon at Gurgaon named Strawberries Salon…pay a visit sometimes… we wont take 4 hour for putting up color …we just do in an hour…

    12. Kishmeesh

      Here for the first time, Nice to see you Blogging

    13. ismail

      hey gul panag h r u ma app ku pasand kar ya ho app ki smile bohad pasand ha good luck

    14. Ishhy

      Hey Gul…
      How it’ goinn. I found your blog very interesting. ‘MIlo’ .. ha .. my ex had the same pet…
      I’m from Toronto..wondering if you would be here someday.
      Good work with the entry.

    15. rashpal

      Hi Gul

      I have read about your Herbal Smoking in a movie. I appreciate your sincerity for spreading anti smoking message. Also the evil of tobacco was told by Guru Gobing Singh during his time. It is now established by Medical science the cancer causing property of tobacco smoking.

      Some peoples are inspired by

      Sanasar ki her shai ka itna hi fassana hai, ek Thund se anna hai, Ek thund mein Jana hai

      I congratulate you for showing concern for not smoking a Cigar!

      I think Cigarette smoking should be banned companies like ITC are diversifying to change business line.

      Gul your views for a great cause should reach masses.

      This is also a great service to Humanity. As prevention is better than cure.

      We must take pledge not to touch tobacco.

    16. Trupti

      hey gul,

      though am not at all comparable to your life but still.,am a very normal common girl from this world around you..just that my sunday and your sunday had so much in common n i feel really good to read this blog..that atleast i share something in common with the beautifull lady ”gul”


    17. poonam

      hi,gul panag,
      you r a very beutiful.your smile is very good.i like it your smile.
      good day

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