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To quote the preamble to our constitution,” WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a [SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC] and to secure to all its citizens:

JUSTICE, social, economic and political;

LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;

EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;

And to promote among them all

FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation

I think its time to amend this in light of the present scenario. While I can’t argue with the sovereign and democratic part, I question “socialist” and definitely “secular”. As the constituent assembly envisioned the giddying heights their beloved India would scale, this definitely seemed like a wonderful guideline for a young nation. But today, 58 years on how much of this are we trying to implement? How many of our leaders treat the preamble as what it is- a guide to see them through, a constant talisman? But no, that’s certainly not the case. Certainly not, if one takes into account recent developments in Maharashtra, and Bombay in particular.

Where exactly is the ideology of “ Maharashtra for Marathi’s“ coming from? To question the beliefs of a group of people just because they are different. To actually oust them because of their alien (only to the former) culture? Will some one tell these people this is the 21st century? We are looking at inspiring the confidence of the west, in the stability of our country, its economy, that we are mature enough to be a nuclear power so that our hunger for energy can be met. But no, these concerns are too trivial for some people. They’d rather nurture vote banks in the name of Mumbai for Mubaikars, or Hindutva or socialism.

I think the word is a joke. Acquittal of the cops in the best bakery case?? The 1993 riot cases still in court? And what about the 1984 riot victims? What is Jagdish titler doing still walking around even after eyewitness accounts to the CBI have described him leading mobs to mercilessly massacre Sikhs? And this when a so-called secular government is in power at the centre? I shudder to think what will happen should a right wing party come to power.

Now this has got to be even a bigger joke. Liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship. If Richard Gere decides to show his affection for Shilpa (in no way endangering National Security) it becomes an issue. In Orissa and many other states there is a sustained campaign against those who’ve converted to Christianity. Violence against Dalits persists in very state. Are they not entitled to their liberty? Or is it just the prerogative of the rich and powerful? And who cares for EQUALITY?? Certainly not the supporters of MNS . After all, some are more equal than others, right? How else can we explain what is happening in West Bengal? And promoting FRATERNITY seems to be the last thing on the minds of Mr. Geelani, Mr. Narendra Modi and Mr. Raj Thakre.

So who is going to stand up against these violations? Our Parlementarians ( average age 65yrs)? In light of the fact that the majority of India’s population is between the ages of 15 and 40, this is certainly a case of misrepresentatin, no? But since most of us are content with the way things are going( in the absence of any tangible protests), I can only agree with what a very wise man ( can’t remember who) said,we deserve our government:-)

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  1. dneo

    Hi Gul,
    Firstly nice to hear from you after a long time; secondly Well said about the on-going me mumbaikar funda…
    i dont know about other valid points u have mentioned but would like to say is that in mumbai as of now there is infrastructure issues which has to be sorted out first and i guess people should realize this and do something about it.
    Mumbai suburbs are already facing power-cuts which the majority mumbaikars don’t know of; transport system has gone for a toss considering the local train journey that takes place!
    so i guess its time that people thought on the lines of developing other states and cities; the whole concept of making mumbai into shanghai and stuff is a waste of time and energy first we should think about making changes in the attitude of people and the way everyone lives (for granted that the gov. would do something).
    i am against violence that was created and am not supporting ne1 but we have to give it a thought that the ones that are already staying there in mumbai or for that matter anywhere in the country should get basic life support first and then there wouldn’t be such a hue cry about local people not getting enough!
    i hope my view point is understood!

  2. sumeetgrover

    Hi Gul. Good to see this post from you. thanks for putting it, I’m sure it took a lot of time out of you.

    I was particularly caught by the title ‘We The People’ and about the notorious episode relating to Richard Gere. Shabana Azmi once said in an interview to the BBC that (paraphrased) India is a country that embraces many centuries at the same time. There are people living in Urban areas, wearing Von Dutch jeans and there also are people in the draught affected villages of Rajasthan. From theoretical point of view, if Civilisation can be defined as modes of production or a cohesive group of people, then India embraces many civilisations at the same time. Agrarian, Digital, Industrial and may be Nomadic.

    I’ve been reading about Global Citizenship lately and exploring a lot on the right perspective to look at the human condition as well as localised affairs from an historic point of view. (I’m not a Social Scientist by the way, am a software engineer.)

    Coming back to the Shilpa-Richard infamous episode and the politicisation of the ‘Maratha’ or ‘Hindutva’ or any other identity for that matter is only a testimony to the fact that each Civilisation (interpreted a cohesive group of people) is invoking its own myths to legitimise its actions. Where as the young urban India is busy in enjoying the benefits of Globalisation resulting in good jobs, money, improved lifestyle, affordability; there is a part in our country, which still struggles for food and shelter. In the middle of all this, we witness a group of people, who are pursuing modern imperialist interests based on the ideological use of “culture” or cultural or historical identity.

    In the mean time, the Law of the land exists like a poor creature, which is time and again raped and abused by the authoritarians. When you talk about the ashamed state of Justice and Liberty in our country, I only feel normal of my growing up days when I gradually developed the feelings of dislike towards the country. Although much later, there was a transformation based on the belief that the land belongs to us, to me, and not to those politicians, who start their leadership career only as sexagenarians.

    It is sad, but often these reflections and dialogues have no result. In the end, only to blame the outside. But I’m glad you talked about it. It takes a lot of deep thought to do so.

    In my view, Education and Research has the power to bring about a national consciousness. Specifically, research in the social sciences. This aspect is indeed the jewel that many of the Western governments possess, and employ in order to give a lot back to their people.

    Anyhow. There you go!

    Hope you’re doing well.


  3. Jimmy

    Hi Gul,
    Your point is right.People get the government they deserve.
    The root of all these problems lie in the greatest illness cast and corruption.The main reason fuelling corruption is high fees at the educational institutions in India and the dowry system.if education is free and there is no dowry system i can gaurentee u that 60% of the problems related to courruption will be solved.I had a very rosy picture of my country especialy since I was educated in a kendriya vidyalaya.I was tought to think secular and live above cast system with immense pride in my country India.but as I grew up I started to see the awkward face of india.
    cast system
    Or in broader sence racism If you look arround anywhere in the world you will not see such strong racist people as we indians.Here we have divided the same looking people into sections and subsections that are immensly rigid above any rational thinking.last day in the university library here in one of the universities in germany i met a german entrepreneur.HE wanted to know about india and the culture of people in india.His main concern was to know how to handle the people in india as he was planing to start a compny in Gujrat.we had a cup of tea and while talking he had some equiries regarding human resource like, is it proper to shout at subordinates ?and how to handle people of different cast.I told him thatcast system is no longer there in india and blah blah blah..but i was shocked to hear this from him that that almost all the members of the managing comitee in one of the best car manufacturing M N C in india were from higher cast.i thought the private sector was free from all this as they look for talent as talent brings money.Let alone live the case of cast system in govt institutions with my personal experiance i can say that in insitutions like IIT and prominent research institutes under the department of science and technology u will find a lot of idiots still holding the positions because of their cast.
    bring your children to think above this.I can say that the situation is not so sever as it was years before.Eventhough in my family the members still believe in all this blah blah blah,I dont care about it at all.So there is hope in the younger generation.Things are going in the right direction slowly.better than nothing.I would say that all the fundamentalists are going to collapse as the world is progressing and is becomming small.It is no longer possible to make boundries and cultivate regionalism.The comming of unions like europian union etc are signs of it.as we are 40 yrs behind them in 40 years indian pople will also start to have broader outlook.
    take care

  4. Nisheel

    Aaahhh….a fellow “Bombayite” not someone saying Mumbai !!! Good going Gul 🙂
    Though I wonder if spelling Thackeray as “Thakre” is gonna get you into trouble :O

    Just another point. You mentioned about the democracy bit being more or less fine. I just feel even that is abused. In it’s simplest sense its a majority but in India democracy means “veto power”. I mean if I don’t like a flyover terminating near my house all I have to do is file a PIL and for 8 years a project that will benefit millions will hang in limbo. All because one man doesn’t want to compromise.
    We see this being exercised all the time……even in parliament. one cog stops the full wheel.

    I agree with your viewpoint that the pulse of the country is not felt with most politicos being senior citizens…..but then there is no youth because most people in their 20s-50s would rather be doing a job in private industry. Its a sign of our times that everyone has to work 12hrs day just to finish “routine” work. Everyone is alway “busy” and therefore in all our lives balance and time for social and community activities is lost.

    I think you have to make the wage structure of diplomatic and political posts more private industry like. and also bring in the same strong credentials for getting the post (good education) and performance driven culture (responsibility). Then maybe the younger 40s/50s well qualified people will run this country.

    Just my two bits,

  5. Bhavanjot Singh

    Hey, how’s it going?
    This is my first time visiting this site and I never thought I would come across such a post.
    I would like to add just few points on top of what you said.
    1) India ought to remove the word “secular” from the preamble as well OR do away with the laws pertaining to Muslims as a minority.

    2) I wouldn’t use the term ‘riots’ when talking about 1984 Massacre of Sikhs because ‘riots’ by definition is used when two groups/communities decide to go at each other. And to my knowledge that is not what happened in ’84.

    Greta post though. Very thought provoking.
    Bhavanjot Singh

  6. anonymous

    Nommuch to say …just wanted to make u cautious of the people who comment to your blogs, coz they are more smitten by your beauty and want to make this as a means to reach you. Anyways ..you are not getting any younger with each passing day i think (its the case with everyone ofcourse, including me aswell ). When are u planning to settle down ??? Sorry in advance if am being offensive !! Thanks Gul Panag ..To be honest i too am one of those who got bold over by the beauty gifted to you by God !! Take Care. Best of Luck !!!

  7. Faisal Khan

    It can be said that Rabindranath Tagore suggested a low key intellectual development to cure india over Gandhi jee’s more visible swadeshi movement. At the core though, both had the same subtle message of removing the barriers that separated one indian from another. They wanted everyone in india to feel accepted. Their own great but humble personalities personified this conviction of their’s.

    I saw your movies “Dhoop” and “Jurm” too. I have observed that whatever role you are given, that character finally emerges as a caregiver. Being a healer is very fundamental to your peronality.

    Everyone feels accepted here at your blog. I wish you well in all you do. You are an influence that is reaching out to many hearts.

  8. Surya

    Rightly said. But India lives in many centuries. The mindset of the people living in certain areas is that of 18th century. Added to that scrambling of 24-hour news channels who are looking for any and every news to be ‘breaking news’. But there is a light on the horizone. Everything is not lost. Youngsters today want to challenge the system and the age-old traditions.

    Every man needs roti, kapada aur makaan. But the problem comes when you tend to accumulate or hoard the above, more than your requirement. The concept of family attachments in Indian tradition has in a way driven corruption in the society. People want to save not for their children alone but for generations to come.

    May good sense prevail.

    we need more thinking actors like you. Why dont u start a movement on any socially relevant issue. We are with you.

  9. Sanjay


    I agree with you on all the points mentioned and am equally anguished. Yes its a fact that we deserve our governments. But in my opinion, there can be a significant change seen only when there is a paradigm shift in the thought process of the people whom we elect. But for that to happen, in my opinion we should firstly get choices to make. Otherwise, we end up electing the best possible among the worst. The whole concept of youth getting into the fray is also not to my liking. See the lot of young politicians we have on the scene. Barring a few the rest is related to the already corrrupt, oppurtunist lot existing and though they put up a different outlook, they are all the same and no different or maybe infact worse than their elders!!

    So how does all this get addressed? I feel this would be a slow process but is possible only when two things happen.
    A) People like us should make others who just keep talking and dont even bother to vote, to go and make their choice and exercise their mandate. The day 90 to 95pc of the eligible voters start voting there will be many changes that would happen.
    B) There has to be a basic criteria for people to contest elections. Just as in applying for a job, things like a valid bachelors degree, no criminal cases(not even a case under negotiable instrument act), age criteria of 30 to 65 and should be able to read, speak and write in hindi and english apart from their mother tongue.

    When these happen, am sure the way administration is handled will be very effective and efficient and the government will be actually start doing their job rather than what is happening today. This is when all terms used in discribing our country will make sense. There would be any need to change or remove anything from the sovereign, social, secular, democratic country that our India is!!

    Cheers to that!!


  10. srikanth

    hello gul,

    its interesting to see that u have spared time for posting your opinion on fundamental rights.well young lady the terms and words u have mentioned in your post have reminded me of the civics lessons in school.and i doubt how many of our leaders know about preamble is..?
    classes about preamble and fundamental rights should be conducted to all the second estate members and tested before they enter their respective legislative houses

  11. Praveen

    Thanks for your thoughts on what is not only a facinating subject, but also one that defines the values to be cherished and espoused by the people.

    Before going any further I will admit that I’ve seen exactly one of your movies, DOR, and I did like it. I’m writing this however, not as a fan of your acting (it was good) but rather as a fan of your intellect.

    To get to the crux of the matter, I agree with your points regarding the selfishness and lack of insight of some of the political fundamentalists, but are we as citizens not responsible for the actions that we undertake at the behest of these “leaders”? What is it about the ideas of these people that seems to resonate with the population that follows them and acts on them? Is it just an appeal to the fears of the common man? Personally, I think its a witches brew of religious fervor, fear, caste and entitlement that seem to be driving these movements. How else can we explain some of the actions undertaken by the saffron brigades?

    On a completely different note, I wonder what your thoughts are regarding the treatment of older people in India, marginalization, abandonment and perhaps even abuse.

    Courage is best defined as not the absense of fear, but rather as the realization that there is something more important than fear. So thank you for having the courage to take a stand on these issues. I dare say you have found a new fan of your writings.


  12. spartan


    You all have wasted a long time in this discussion or wat ever……why have you put these in charector…cause u can get fame or u really care….
    if you really care then why dont you speak out….as u r famous u can….we are not so all i can do is…kick some butt…..which i did…..sarfarzi ki thamanna ab mere dil main hai……..


  13. Praveen

    I’ll let Gul answer your questions, but I do have to point out a few things in your post. Let us assume that Gul had not posted her opinion on this subject, would it have made her any less famous? Her fame or lack thereof has little to do with this discussion.

    Begging your forgiveness Gul, but assume for a moment that she was doing this purely as an image boosting ploy, one of the things that you have to understand Spartan, is that when anyone of fame, sincerely or unsincerely lend their name to a cause, the cause does benefit. To use your own arguements by writing these blogs Gul is speaking out, ergo she really cares about the topic.

    Some of us have the ability to reach the masses, some of us can reach just one or two folks, but each of us has in us the ability to turn the tide against those self serving, selfish forces that choose to advance themselves and make a mockery of the lofty ideals as stated in the preamble to the constitution.

    Good luck.

  14. Gaurav Saxena

    Dear Ms. Gul Panag,

    Its very sad to see your Remarks for Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty. I think as Celebrities, they are people who are representatives of the normal people like me. If they bahve like as if they are behaving in a drunk social gathering, then whats the difference. They are people who have risen to the Zenith of Success and therefore, it makes them all the more responsible. Remember “With Power comes great responisbility”.Everybody in India is crying now a days for Media as Paparazzi. But, as Celebrities, you people are supposed to attract attention. I saw your Movie Dor and it was fabulous up for an Award..

    So, if people wont write and comment about you, who else will. So, it not about National Security Issue but about Morals and Ethics.

    Therefore, there is a bit of problem when Shilpa Shetty was getting cosy with Richard Gere. More so, because it was an AIDS Charity. At an AIDS Charity, she forgot to take up a Serious Topic and made a Mockery of it by indulging in arather party like behavior.

    Decency is always respected. If something is not decent, that attracts problems. In this Case, it did. I hope she learns from it, rather than crying about people’s behavior. It Shipa and Richard who needs to mend it, because they are the ones causing all the Problems.

    People’s Representatives needs to show more humble attitude towards those who have made them famous. I think you should also look at Angelina Jolie’s Remarks on Chine where she has mentioned about Bad Karma. It will definitely hurt those people whose relatives have lost their lives.

    Since its Angelina, therefore there is a Problem. If it’s me, nobody would have cared to listen or mind it.Ig I have said anything which is rude, I apologize for it..

  15. Murali Pai


    I am a votary of women in general, and Indian in specific because of the social mores and shibboleths. I realized that you were not just a pretty face when I watched you essay the role of Zeenat in DOR.

    Keep up the good work. Play lots of roles. Also try to be a role model for women in India. Good luck!


  16. Praveen

    After reading various comments posted here, I am curious about the following. Why is it that we turn to famous people and hold them up as the only representatives of some ideal? As Indians, are we not all representing India, its values, its culture, its image as viewed by others?
    Does our fame, or lack thereof, make any difference to those that read our words? I was visiting India some months ago with some collegues from work, they were appalled at the dirt, pollution, noise, poverty and basic unhygenic conditions that we encountered. There amongst all this was a modern glass building housing a MNC. Is this the image that we want to put forth to the rest of the world? I submit to you that each of us, be we residents of India or NRI’s or even those that have changed their citizenship, we are responsible for the image and opinions of India that people reach in their encounters with us. Let us not point the finger at people that are famous and forget that when we point at someone else, there are three fingers pointing back at us.


  17. ANAY

    hey there,

    nice of you to mention these issues. everything is relative in todays world Gul, everything. Since you are not marathi, i cannot comment on the issues you have pointed on the mumbaikar, and marathis. but if you ask people who live in the rural regions, you will understand why people listen to these so called leaders. ask a marathi person staying in nsp ( a suburban station on mumbai’s western railway, using abbreviations on purpose) to speak out against north indians, and he will quiver. ask one staying in plg or dhn to speak out against gujarathis, and he will look the other way. all this when, in nsp 3 people were murdered on the railway platform, and the murderers are now local politicians. why must we turn the other cheek in our own backyard. everyone is welcome, so long as they dont boss around. i am ok with no boss, or a moderate environment. but murders for reasons like buying vegetables in the local markets! c’mon, thats not democracy. sure as hell it aint.


    but we must understand that democracy and secularity are relative, and as far as my knowledge goes, are a goldarned myth. we live in a jungle, where numbers count. a hundred rabbits will make the Lion stay at home.

    democracy? what the fool’s heck is democracy? i learnt about it in the civics books back at school, never saw what it was.



    sorry for the caps, but even comfortable is a relative word. well, we are comfortable coz we can speak about this from a 20000 rupees computer, which is better than thinking of where the next paycheck / payment is coming from, and which is in turn better than thinking about where to go look for work tomorrow, which is in turn better than thinking of a new place to beg for alms, which is in turn better than being a destitute.

    so you see, we all are comfortable. and this is in democracy. we did not need communism to achieve it. but that is a completely new chapter.


  18. Nasir Jamal

    Salam. This is Nasir Jamal from Pakistan. I liked your post very much. I once grabbed a copy of the Constitution of Pakistan to find out the rights which were available to the common people of the country and I was surprised to know that the constitution gave a lot of rights, liberties and freedom to the people none of which was implemented.

    The problems in India and Pakistan are almost idential. Only the names are different.

    I had once raid a line about liberty, it says “liberty does not descend upon people, people must raise themselves to it” and I believe it to be true. So long as the peole of a country, whether it is India or Pakistan are not ready to rise and speak for themselves against oppression, misrule, injustice, they are not going to get anything.

  19. arya2007

    hi gul,

    these are great opinion i tried that one of them should be mine, but …….. i will try to contribute some time.


  20. Mark

    On a related note did you watch the movie “Singh is King”
    and were u offended by it ?

  21. rajs1

    Dear Gul,

    You raise some extremely important dilemmas and frustrations about our country. Justice, liberty, equality and fraternity are indeed challenged by not only the leadership but also by those who seek to benefit from the values and visions enshrined in our constitution.

    Perhaps we should ask the question, what would India be like if those principles were not enshrined in the preamble, and fundamental freedoms were not a part of the constitution? I shudder to think what would happen to a nation of many ethnicities, diverse languages, and ideologies. I am certainly no proponent of facsism or right wing beliefs, but freedom of expression itself entails tolerance for all views. The challenge of right wing beliefs is that they are as dangerous as left wing radicals, lacking balance, reason, and objectivity.

    My main point is on the framework which defines our country. If we did not have the constitution that we do, perhaps we would be a Pakistan, a Sri Lanka, a Nepal, or even worse a Sudan?

    There are many challenges to our nation, and before us as a people to improve the situation in our country. But what inspires me, despite all the challenges and frustrations you mention, is the fact that there is a constitutional framework to draw upon of a secular republic, an innovation of spirit in the people, and a hope that is unlike any other nation.

    I have worked on countries in conflict, in difficult parts of the world, and when I mention that I am from India, the view from their perspective is that it is a nation of hope, opportunity and possibility. We have tremendous hurdles to cross when it comes to equality, nondiscrimination of Dalits, tribal, and women, and to the conflicts brewing in many sates of the country. Nevertheless one can litigate in courts, bring cases to the human rights commission, advocate before government, and lead social movements which affect policy change.

    So the country offers many prospects for realising the values enshrined in the preamble of the constitution, despite the failure of our politicians and people towards their realisation in the last 61 years. We are still a young nation even though we are an ancient civilisation.

  22. Prasad

    Hi Gul,

    It’s nice to read your view on the Indian people and where Indian constitution is heading. But I would like to make some remarks on some of your comments.

    Firstly, about Mumbai and Marathi. I am also Marathi and I don’t agree the incessant and foolish fight for this thing. But what I think is, some people from North come here for work, or rather I will say lot of people from North India come here to study, work. I am not saying they should not come here. Nobody is going to prevent them from coming here. But media and everybody from North has misinterpreted the statements from Raj Thakarey. He never wanted anybody to move out from Mumbai only because they are not Marathi. The only problem being Mumbaikar’s is that these people come here and try to overpower Mumbai kar’s (those who live in Mumbai are called Mumbaikars). Also there is no problem with white collared working class from North. Gujarathi’s are no problem because wherever they go, they convert themselves into the region’s color. But lower working class people really create havoc here in Mumbai.

    Similarly, people from North are making use of these people as vote banks. They are being used wrongly. That is the real problem. We as Maharashtrians don’t object anybody coming here.

    Now, about Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty. What I think is that that scene was over-hyped by media. They are people from entertainment and they will follow what people like. Why is that steamy scenes from bollywood are not commented and why this issue took over. Media is not doing its job. They are on the mission of making more and more money with news that makes money and they are not interested with news that really matters.

    Finally, I will like to thank you, for bringing this subject up, so that we got some platform to react. But I find some weight in the comment that you are famous personality and if somebody like you raise voice, then there are possibilities that the issue will be at;east considered.

    There are lot of politicians who say so many wrong things against Freedom Fighter like our petrolium minister said about Savarkar. That was really bad and nobody talked about that. Not even media. Really India is heading towards a huge downfall.

    Prasad Kulkarni

  23. Rahul Pathak

    Hi Gul,
    That was a thought provoking article..
    But as always there is other side of the coin…….
    MNS : the thugerry involved is wrong but does that mean the agition itself is wrong? I dont think so. This is true for all the metro’s . Our Metro’s dont have infra structure to cope up with the influx. Banglore used to be a beautiful city why do we talk in past tense ? Please think.

    You shudder at the thought of right wing party, Are these secularist a bit secular ? 1984 were not caused by right wing (so called) people. When 1992 demolition took place there was no person inside the structure. (there never was for ages).

    Talking of Muslim representation…..
    The country was divided on religious lines (don’t say it wasn’t). There were 20% Hindus in PAK now there are less than 1% Here the population has from about 12 % (even after partition has gone up to about 18%. Can this be explained. WE HAVE MORE MUSLIM POLLUTION THAN PAKISTAN.

    Not to say everything is correct here. It never is anywhere. But still we are much better off than the options available.

  24. yayaati


    As a democratic country where we have rights to live our life the way we want is acceptable till it suits our society which is again formed by people like us who think that one’s freedom shouldn’t be interfered with.
    Its a cycle which is confusing because we still aren’t sure about what we exactly want from society, our country, our government, our traditions and most importantly from ourselves!!
    The day this happens the problem might be solved as at least then we will be sure about whether we want to take care of our own lives or bother people with their deeds…..

    Till then I guess few people like you who are sure about their mindset and wants will live and let live!!

    With regards,

  25. DaEnigma

    Hmm …

    Let Us not ‘sacrifice; Our socialist and Secular Image , am sure u were tryna vent out ur frustration by saying We are no more socialist and Secular ..Thing is we see What Media shows and What Media shows is about BIG ppl …

    Noone ever goes into a small gully and films how two families of different religions and standards share between them care affection and laughter ,Naaa .. that wudnt make News, What wud make news is When Some Raj does something that aint Secular, to be honest Raj was a Joke .. thing is We took him serious thank the Media and ball’less Govt which cud not hold the neck of the ‘kid’ and say ” stay put”

    The incidents u cited do show a breach of the constituents of the Preamble, but lets ask .. Have I been secular wid a friend of mine ,Have I been socialist with a less fortunate group, Have I treated my maid servant Equally as a human Being first, Have I given the Liberty to my child to let him/her pursue what she wants … if the answer is YES ! Congrats Ur going great .. a simple fact though is some the politicos aint .. what do we do … remove them .. when did anyone say they form the nation .. The NATION is formed by US … remember the first PHRASE OF THE Preamble … ” We The People ” thats all .. what We need is a mass awareness and an affirmation of the fact that WE form the nation and the so called netas .. are but Due to US .

    The Country aint going to Dogs .. If WE take a lil time out of Life and make a WILL to CHANGE the path!

    A thing about Mr.Gere .. wonderful actor aint he .. and a great man who takes time out for public cause .. What he did was not wrong .. but the it just wanst New York City !

    About Liberty @ Christianity Conversions .. Hmm .. I wud disagree, a lot of ppl are being forced to convert and in fact the hidden agenda of some of the churches is .. Conversion, now is it fair to go to some lesser fortunate ppl and show the money and ask them to convert, The Grace Pope is gona be glad , not an Indian who truly believes in freedom of right and religion.

    God Bless , Keep smiling.

  26. Som

    Well written and thought provoking!

  27. Bala


    Agree with how you feel.

    India is an idea
    India is a dream

    India is a journey … and its a work in progress … so I tell myself be patient, there shall be the light at the end of the tunnel. There are more richer and simple countries in the world, countries which has less troubles, countries which has more support – Those countries were not even capable of dreaming such things …

    Where as in India, such Ideas are flourishing …

    So keep faith
    Keep dreaming … thats what say to myself. I am quite young but I am already proud of our founding fathers…proud of theirs dreams … and I am sure someday we will reach there …


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