Gul Panag And Son Nihal Dance Their Heart Out In This Adorable Video

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“Nihal has a new favourite song!” wrote Gul Panag while sharing the video.

Gul Panag may have a tough time working out with her two-year-old son Nihal around, but that doesn’t mean that they are not getting any exercise. A video shared this afternoon by the actress shows the them dancing their hearts out to a Van Halen song which is currently the toddler’s favourite. In the video, the mother and son are seen grooving to Aint Talkin’ Bout Love by the American rock band. The performance that has won them a lot of love and praise on the photo and video sharing platform.
The video shows Gul Panag, 41, following the steps of her son Nihal, who stands on a chair besides his mother and plays DJ with a tablet in front of him.

“Nihal has a new favourite song!” wrote the Dor actress while sharing the video on Instagram this afternoon, adding that the song had been playing on repeat at their house. ” I’m just glad that it’s finally a song, I too can hear on repeat,” she said.

Take a look at their performance below:

Since being posted on Instagram, the video has collected over 16,000 views and several compliments from friends and fans.

“So cute this is,” wrote one person in the comments section. “Nihal has got good choice in music,” another said.

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