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It’s substance over numbers for Gul Panag. This is why she her career ‘mantra’ has been to opt for lesser number of films and in the process green light only those films which not just sound interesting on paper but also promise to be remembered for years to come.

‘I have my own criteria of choosing what I want to do in the film industry’, says Gul who is being seen in RANN, ‘There are some people who do 20 movies in three years and are remembered for not more than one year. I however wish to do fewer movies but maintain a much better strike rate. It has always been quality over quantity for me so isn’t it better that I do those films which go down in the annals of film history?’

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Over the years, Gul has been seen in 8 movies so far and is remembered most for her performance in DOR, MANORAMA SIX FEET UNDER and of course her debut effort DHOOP.

‘Every role that I have done so far has been about gut instinct. It’s not just about banner as that factor is always secondary. Of course just like any other decision which you make in life, this too may backfire sometimes. It can’t always be calculated’, says Gul in reference to her last release ANUBHAV that went totally unsung at the box office.

‘The film looked good on paper and the names involved (Jackie Shroff, Sanjay Suri) were credible names as well’, says Gul, ‘Also, it had a director like Rajiv Nath at the helm of affairs who had had won a National Award. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. That’s ok; you can’t help it every time. After all there wasn’t colossal amount of money spent in its making. Otherwise there are films that carry 100 crores budget and still don’t find any audience.’

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