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Fitness Freak Gul Panag Influential On Twitter
August 1st, 2013
If you're wondering Bollywood actress Gul Panag has vanished from the B-Town, Twitter is the right place to find her. She has realised her huge potential in the micro-blogging site. An agency recently evaluated her presence Online and they revealed that she has followers who are independent opinion makers, lawyers, doctors who, in turn, have their own circles.  Gul Panag with a huge following on twitter is very active on… more
Mahindra Scorpio Getaway Super Milo for Gul Panag customised by Sarbloh Motors
July 28th, 2013
Back on 18th July the first reaction Gul Panag had to her heavily modifiede getway was OMG. And, why not. Gul Panag was headed to Lahaul Spiti Valley on a modified road ready toughie built on the Mahinjdra Scorpio platform. Referred to as ‘Super Milo’, the capable SUV is equipped with a CB radio, oxygen cylinder, additional fuel tank, extreme tires, and an onboard tent among a host of other… more
Our films lack a beginning or an end: Gul Panag
July 1st, 2013
Gul Panag, mostly seen in off-beat films, feels that the scripts of Hindi movies lack story and structure. The former Miss India started her acting journey with critically acclaimed off-beat film "Dhoop", based on a true story, and was appreciated for her work in films like "Dor", "Manorama Six Feet Under", and "Turning 30". The actress, not seen in Hindi movies for a while, launched Atulya Mahajan's book "Amreeka Desi".… more
Coffee with Gul Panag
June 17th, 2013
For someone who could never attract the attention of a single girl in college, getting to meet some of the most glamorous women within a span of a few of months can be a bit taxing for the heart of a 40-year-old man.  However, of the many I had the pleasure of meeting recently, the one  who stood out for me is certainly Gul Panag, who, I had met in… more
DON’T MISS: Running tips from Gul Panag
June 7th, 2013
Aabhas Sharma, Courtesy Business Standard  The Bollywood actress and marathoner talks about her running mantra, the gear she uses and the importance of having 'proper' running shoes. At the age of 15, she first started running and it was her father who got her into the habit. Since then it has become an integral part of actor Gul Panag's life, something she can't do without. She talks about her running… more
Gul Panag goes back to college
June 7th, 2013
Actor Gul Panag has decided to do her Master’s degree in Political Science. She decided to formally further her knowledge of how the country’s governance works through a Master’s degree. The actor — whose active interest in the subject got her a first class in the mid term exams she sat — just sat for her final exams. “I had done the first year earlier, then decided to go back and… more
Gul still fits in teenage time shorts!
May 20th, 2013
She is well over 30, but Gul Panag is glad that she can still comfortably slip into a pair of shorts which she used to wear when she was sweet 16. "Found a pair of shorts at parents' home from when I was 16 (high-waisted and all). Still fit in them comfortably," posted the "Dor" actress on micro-blogging site Twitter. The former beauty queen-turned-actress and adventure enthusiast is fit, and… more
Gul Panag to launch fitness mobile app
May 13th, 2013
Actress Gul Panag, who is also a fitness and technology enthusiast, has taken on the co-founder's role for a mobile app start-up company MobieFit, which centers on health and fitness. The former beauty queen is happy to bring two of her passions together. "Technology has become such an integral part of our life. I'm a technology enthusiast and a keen watcher of the tech space. I use apps on my… more

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