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There goes a saying that a woman over the age of 30 is more likely to get hit by a bomb than find a man.

In the past, there was a notion in India that an unmarried woman above 30 was a burden to the family. Fingers were pointed at her and it was a social stigma. It was hard even to find rented apartments to live in for such women.

But today, the mindset of people, especially womenfolk has changed.

They are more educated, confident, and have a mind of her own. They pay their own bills and can walk into a party alone without feeling intimidated. They are career-driven and travel extensively.

Today, a women in her 30s has the whole world at her feet and she is ready to conquer it!

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13 Comments on “Being single @ 30”

  1. Varun Babu

    You are right, times have changed, so has the mindset of women. THOugh I am yet to find this in most parts of Kerala, still pretty orthodox. THE current generation will change the olden norms no doubt.

  2. Sankha Suvra Bandyopadhyay

    GUL will u marry me…. i am watching your cinemas from a long time back… i am always feeling good when ever u need me……

  3. Hitesh

    have heard a lot of people saying it….. and now feel like believing it….. that “30’s is the new 20’s now……… ,,/”

  4. Blognostic

    Single and Free is better than Committed and Tied. But, individuals should see to that they have someone whom they can trust and vent out. 🙂

  5. Neha1222

    I think its a struggle keeping a relationship at any age…I would think its more tough to keep a relationship in your 20’s than any other age group,because you have bachpana and you are still growing up. I feel the same thing about the 30’s and 40’s that its still a child’s age…being 30 or 40 is not the same thing as it was before. Because life was so short back then and by the age of 25 you were considered middle-aged. I am in my late 20’s and I feel like I am still a child…I think being single is a beautiful thing and many people feel intimidated my this factor instead of embracing this. You can take advantage of being single, like learning more about yourself, and work on bettering yourself. I am single right now and divorced, I have never enjoyed life like I am enjoying now, I get more attention now then I ever did in my teenage years or college years, and I am truly living it up. I also feel that men feel the same way about being single at 20, 30, or 40 but they keep a hard front up …and sometimes I also feel that people are so afraid to be single that they start acting desperate and it shows on their face and these are the people who are most likely to end up single. I think being age conscious is an invention of man and biological clocks/getting old is something that is more fed to our head, than the actual natural reactions of our bodies. I think people dont grow old any more I think they turn themselves old in the fear of getting old. In conclusion enjoy life, and do to life what you want life to do to you….leave your tensions to god..and be merry….cuz you never know kal ho na ho!

  6. Anderson Gomes

    There is a change not only in the mindset of the womenfolk but the men as well. The gender equality that we have been been preaching all this while is finally becoming a reality. Cheers to the women out there… you rock !!!

  7. jay

    i dont completely agree Gul/Neha… though I could see it gives a strong impression of how brave, confident and couragious today’s women are. Indeed hats off to them..

    I am in to my mid 20’s and have already started thinking about my future, family life and all. I know it is going to be tough and is going to take away some freedom that I enjoy as a bachelor. But i dont mind as I believe a person has to go through that stage at some point of time.

    I want to go though that phase when I am still young so that I could fight against the hardships and enjoy the happiness to the fullest. 🙂

    I wont say a girl needs a man to support her. I would rather say one needs someone else with him/her during his lifetime to suport him, to criticise him, to make him hapy, to make him feel special…


  8. joy

    hi beautiful..advance Happy New Year and Happy Birthday 🙂

  9. Kalyan

    Please don’t compare women of past with current. Before democracy, the situation was always filled with wars. Wars were fought for women and the atrocities committed on them were painful for the men who cared. Because of Mughals, many things have changed in india. Child marriages were introduced to protect them from the lust of those people. Every body loves freedom of expression, and I agree current lot of women are enjoying it and staying independent. A women, who can love through her deeds will always be loved. Would mother Teressa be loved the same way had she entered politics after setting up Nirmal hruday? She was independent, yet was loved by lakhs. She was a perfect women, had patience, love, affection, selfless-ness. I still don’t understand one thing, why is it that husband and wife don’t give the same love and affection to each other as they give to their kids? EGO…

  10. umesh_k_derebail

    30+ Women are more successful after going through ups and downs of life. I am sure you will do well GUL, whenever you decide to settle down with your man…..don t hurry, you have lots of time at your disposal. Check out ASH, SHILPA, URMILA, they are all above 30

  11. vyankatesh

    I dnt know but would like to hear ur voice sometime on the phone…that could be one of the wish this year if god wants…

  12. amul

    eventually i bought the dvd unexcitingly, just too feel better on weekends and watch movies masala masti, the first part is boring.. but later i even get up from my couch.. cuz your character in the movie is just simply win my heart, i like the way you finish up the movie, your character is demanding but you dont have a luck at the same time. i do not know more about you cuz i am basically from canada, keep posting this kinda movie.. its better suits you..

  13. Ss

    Girl, I don’t give a damn abt number 30. You were fantastic, really fantastic in that movie. Do more!! 😉

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