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Gul’s Take
Posted by Gul Panag on July 17th, 2012
This appears in the July issue of Auto India As a fitness enthusiast, I have always leaned towards marathons as my preferred goal to work towards. Endurance and strength lie at the heart of my approach to good health. It's not a surprise then, that my first time at Le Mans has redefined motor sport for me. It has made me a diehard fan of endurance races , somewhat spoiling the… more
Why does punishment not fit the crime?
Posted by Gul Panag on March 8th, 2012
This appeared in the Hinustan Times It's become very fashionable to discuss the issue of women's safety these days. And I don't think it's a bad thing. Dialogue and discussion are always the precursors to change. Not denial. Yet, it's denial we seem to be in. The women chief ministers of the two states that have been in the news lately, clearly are. According to them, there's nothing amiss in… more
In Pursuit of Happiness
Posted by Gul Panag on January 25th, 2012
This appears in the December issue of The Man Happiness is the ultimate luxury you can have. Choose it. I STARTED OFF SIX MONTHS AGO by exploring the concept of luxury through these columns. It is a journey that I enjoyed immensely. I realised how shallow some ideas of luxury were, how they changed from time to time and from place to place. I realised luxury isn't always about opulence.… more
Untamed Africa casts a spell
Posted by Gul Panag on January 22nd, 2012
I am by now an evolved and discerning traveller. I like travelling to “off the beaten path” places. In a year, I like doing one or two adventure trips and a few relaxed ones. Most of the trips are of course, with my husband, but I always like to do a solo trip once a year for my soul — to spend time with myself. I also love travelling with… more
A thrilling ride
Posted by Gul Panag on December 23rd, 2011
This appears in MillionaireAsia India When I was invited by Audi India to be part of the R8 Experience in Berlin, my excitement levels were moderate. I had of course been on an A6 Driving Experience to Abu Dhabi on the Yas Marina track(and one in Gurgaon later). I had also already driven the R8 a few times. What new could I possibly experience? (Little did I know then that… more
A Day in Berlin
Posted by Gul Panag on December 23rd, 2011
This appears in Selling World Travel I first heard about Berlin when I was about 8 years old. My father, an avid traveller himself, gently instilled in me a desire to see the world by telling me of the numerous adventures he had on his travels. One such adventure was set in Berlin! But of course that would be another story. Needless to say I added Berlin to the ever… more
What Next?
Posted by Gul Panag on November 30th, 2011
This appears in the November Issue of The Man more
FINLAND – where the sun never sets
Posted by Gul Panag on November 29th, 2011
I love to travel and I travel a lot! It's in my family, my dad was in the services and we were posted to many places. Initially, holidays were to typical destinations like London, Paris, but eventually I found the tourist in me ebbing and giving way to the traveller, looking to discover the more exotic, offbeat and unique places. Finland is definitely up on my list of amazing places… more
Festivity all the way
Posted by Gul Panag on November 9th, 2011
This appears in the October issue of The Man WHEN I THINK OF THE FESTIVE season, the one thing that jumps out at me is the food! Every where that one looks, there are luxurious treats being cooked up. And of course resplendent clothes for the asking. more

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