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My Rainy Sunday
Posted by Gul Panag on August 29th, 2010
Woke up with a start when the bell rang this morning. It was 10. And I'd overslept. Even for a Sunday. So much for having a dog. Apparently some dogs wake up their owners at like 6 everyday. Milo is not one of them. He wakes up when I do. It's pouring cats and dogs. Trying to take the dog out in the morning rain is another story. Managed to… more
Rebuilding Mumbai
Posted by Gul Panag on May 3rd, 2010
This was carried by the Indian Express as a supplement titled 'Rebuilding Mumbai', on Page 3 on Saturday, May 1. The purpose of the supplement was to print 'Ideas to boost the revival of India's financial and entertainment nerve centre' Cities as we know them now are successors to erstwhile trading posts or industrial hubs that came into existence following the industrial revolution and subsequent trend of urbanisation. People thronged… more
Femina: Less like you more like me
Posted by Gul Panag on February 9th, 2010
  "This was carried in the Femina January 13, Happy New You issue Section: Your space: looking back Title : Less like you, more like me Intro: Gul Panag picked her own definition of 'arriving' in the industry. She voices her views on establishing her own labels all her life"   I was five years old. It was ‘home clothes day’ at school, a Saturday. Between my grandmother and me,… more
Inner voice
Posted by Gul Panag on February 5th, 2010
This was carried by the Indian Express(National edition) on Friday 5th Feb on their Op-Ed page. Inner voice There comes a time in life, when an inner voice urges you to give back. One can either stand up at that point and decide to act, or carry on with life's pursuits. The question is, when you do decide to stand up for what you think is right, is your spine… more
Come cheer us and join the spirit
Posted by Gul Panag on January 16th, 2010
This is the piece I wrote for Bombay Times, carried on saturday 16th Jan Why run when you can sleep? Is a question I get asked a lot everytime I return from a morning run. Because it's the best part of my day, because it gives me a high that lasts the whole day.Now imagine the rush of  running with thousands, others all feeling the same way- the StandardChartered Mumbai… more
Mumbai Marathon & Shraddha Charitable Trust
Posted by Gul Panag on January 16th, 2010
Hi, Jan 17, 2009 I run the 21km Half Marathon at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. This year too, I am running to raise awareness and funds for Shraddha Charitable Trust; an organisation that rehabilitates young autistic adults. I have had a terrific response for the above through twitter. You too could help. Love, Gul more
Why Twitter?
Posted by Gul Panag on December 22nd, 2009
One of the most significant developments in my life this year (and probably the lives of many people) has been Twitter. From not knowing that it was a two way medium to being in the run for the dubious title of 'Twitter Indian of the year' it has been a learning experience.  I am often asked by journalists why am I on Twitter. And my standard answer is "because it… more
26/11 big deal??
Posted by Gul Panag on November 26th, 2009
26/11 : big deal? Delhi* 29/10/5 :62 dead , 220+injured Bombay 11/7/6: 209 dead . 700+injured ** Jaipur 13/5/08 : 67 dead 200+ injured (* there have been many more. Have listed a few that get referred to often **figures vary depending on source) Candle lit marches: 0 News channels doing 'anniversary stories' :0 So why is such a big deal being made out of 26/11? Because it's hurt, for… more
going green
Posted by Gul Panag on November 16th, 2009
As a 'celebrity' one is constantly being approached to help promote some charitable concern or the other. It's often difficult to judge their genuineness specially when they are a start up or the contribution they are looking for is monetary. Constraints of time do also play a role. However I have always tried to contribute in what ever way I can . To really believe in and enjoy something is… more

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